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Jan 12, 2013 01:41 PM

GF Cake mix-help me glamourize

I am invited to a potluck and was happy to be assigned the dessert.

This was not a problem until it was mentioned to me that it should be cake as it is also a birthday party.

I have done many, many GF desserts for my (Celiac) family members,frozen confections, fruit crisps and cheesecakes and puddings, but never a cake, as I am not clever with the flour substitutes and live in an area where it is hard to get, for example, the amazing (French Laundry) Cup4Cup flour that William Sonoma sells.

So-o-o, I went out and bought one of those Betty Crocker GF Golden Cake mixes. Is there anyone with experience of this mix that can help me disguise/enhance it?

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  1. I've never used it, but from what I've read online the consensus seems to be that it's somewhat dry and bland - both things you can correct easily. But before we start playing with flavorings and add-ins, do you want to find out what the birthday honoree likes so you can make something s/he will really enjoy?

    1. I use that mix all the time! I like to make cupcakes (makes 12). The mix calls for vanilla extract, but I like to use lemon instead to make lemon cupcakes. You can get creative with the frosting and decorations...
      I also use that mix to make Tres Leche Cake: make cake as directed and let cool, poke holes all over and slowly pour the 3-milk mixture over (half a can of sweetened cond milk plus half a can of evap milk plus one half cup of whipping cream). Chill and frost with whipped cream and decorate with marishino cherries.
      During the holidays, I use rum extract and nutmeg in the mix to make 'eggnog' cake or cupcakes.
      Remember that the mix makes one 9X9 cake, not a 13X9, as most regular cake mixes.
      Have Fun!

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        Thanks, Pamela! very helpful I think that Tres Leche Cake sounds intriguing and different enough to satisfy the festivities! It just so happens I made Dulce de Leches ice cream yesterday (epicurious recipe). It is really excellent, it made 1 1/2 quarts of which I used 2 small bowls and will be an easy carry-along to truly make this an ice-cream-and-cake dessert and who doesn't like one or the other or, like me, both!?!

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          The tres leches recipe sounds fantastic! I'm going to pass it along to a GF friend.

          Would it work with a regular cake mix?

          1. re: cheesecake17

            Yes, I adapted the recipe from one using a 'regular' cake mix. The 'regular' mix will make a 13X9 cake, so you have to double the milk amts...

        2. can the person do dairy? if so make a great frosting like an italian buttercream. i find all the GF somewhat bland and grainy. my friend who is GF told me she actually liked the betty crocker over pamela's and some other ones. don't where you live but i finally saw the C4C at Whole Foods.

          1. My son's girlfriend loved a simple trifle I made last Christmas using the same mix. I just made a corn-starch thickened custard, the cake, whipped cream and a mix of berries and macerated berries. (I thought it was "ok" but she kept saying "you don't understand how good this is.")

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              Oh, I totally get what your son's girlfriend was saying... for new/young Celiac's and gluten avoiders, desserts can be an endless round of fruit salads or tasteless, or even nasty over-priced commercial baked goods. For someone to produce something special and delicious just for them is really a grand gesture.