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Pre-Theatre Dinner close to Berkley St. Theatre

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Two of us are off to see a play next Friday at the theatre on Berkley St. We'll be traveling by car. Anywhere in the vicinity for a meal before the play? If possible, we'd prefer to park only once.

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  1. When we go to the Berkeley Street Theatre, we often dine at one of the Distillery District restaurants. For pub grub, the Mill Street Pub would do the job. For something a bit more upscale, either the Boiler House or Oyster Bar might be of interest.

    1. Mangia & Bevi and Mengrai Thai are within walking distance.

      1. Paganelli's or Weezie's would be my picks for this.

          1. Went to Weezies last night based on this posting and had a lovely bistro meal. Pickerel was cooked to perfection and SO had a yummy toutiere. Service was good but the kitchen was slow, but the meal was worth the wait. Plus the room is great!

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              Happy to hear you enjoyed Weezie's. The chef, Constance, has a way with seafood. It's my favourite thing to order there.

            2. Thanks for the suggestions. We settled for Pure Spirits in the Distillery District which proved more than satisfactory - an excellent lobster bisque followed by a pleasant duck breast. An easy walk to the theatre after that. Also parking after six is free on that stretch of Parliament just outside the entrance to the Distillery District so we saved ourselves a few pennies by using that.

              1. I vowed never to return to Weezies back in 2011 and broke my vow last night. What a waste of time and energy. From slow, poor service (by the female server Ashley) to the ridiculous under- or overseasoned food, to the lack of menu items on a Friday night, we will never return, mark my words!

                1. Our "go to" option in the area is Gilead cafe. Far superior to any of the options in the Distillery District itself, and also better than Weezies - which would be our 3rd choice. Mengrai Thai would be out second choice.