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Jan 12, 2013 10:18 AM

Dining in Nova Scotia

We are flying to Nova Scotia for 2 weeks in June, staying in Halifax, Annapolis Royal, Lunnenberg and CapeBreton. Looking for dining suggestions in or near these places as we'll be travelling by car. Also need a restaurant for a nice dinner in Halifax to take our Goddaughter. We like places that serve good local ingredients and love to eat mostly everything.

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  1. This post has some good suggestions for Halifax:

    We really enjoy Le Caveau, which is near Wolfville in the Annapolis Valley. It isn't exactly where you've specified, but may be en route.

    I have heard good things (but haven't actually eaten) at a couple of places in Lunenburg:
    Trattoria Della Nonna.

    Fleur de Sel:

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      Thanks CanadaGirl. All the suggestions sound wonderful. We are in Halifax 4 days, so hopefully will get to try many of the suggestions, especially the places for oysters.

      1. re: CanadaGirl

        I can speak to both Lunenberg recommendations -- Trattoria is calm, attractive, cheerful, NOT southern Italian; Fleur de Sel superb cooking, a bit twee.

        1. re: Dempsey

          Both menus look wonderful. I'm getting hungry already.

        2. re: CanadaGirl

          Fleur de Sel's more casual sibling, The Salt Shaker Deli, is fantastic.

          I've also enjoyed meals at Magnolia's, also in Lunenburg.

          I ate at Leo's Cafe, in Annapolis Royal, a long time ago, but remember it as quite pleasant (very casual soup and sandwich place, with healthy and satisfying offerings)

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            I can echo the Fleur de Sel recommendation. We ate there when we visited the East coast last summer, best meal of our trip.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. You've got to try Chives in Halifax! It uses mostly local ingredients and is absolutely delicious every time!

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                I think I will start my diet now.

              2. by the time June rolls around we will have Two Doors Down which is an offshoot of Chives but at a lower price point and moe casual

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                1. re: HalifaxRetales

                  Thanks HalifaxRetales. We can't eat heavy meals all the time, so looks perfect for lunch or a lighter dinner.

                2. Well, I guess you'll have to scratch Trattoria Nonna from the list. Report in Halifax paper says that their chef and front of house person are leaving and that the owners will not reopen. I think there's more to the story, but. . . Sad.