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Jan 12, 2013 09:57 AM

cuban restaurant in Boca or Delray

dMy grandson who eats beans and rice and pasta (7) is coming for a visit. Can you suggest several kid friendly restaurants that his parents and I will like.

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  1. Padrino's at Glades & 441 for Cuban.

      1. re: Jenaclaree

        Best for kids and adults is the Caribbean grill on Glades and 2nd ave in the 7-11 plaza. You will think that you are on calle ocho. Much more authentic and kid friendly than. Padrinos. Food much better and great fruit blended drinks.

        1. re: FWeats

          I saw FWeats reco above - and promtly went to Caribbean Grill for lunch this afternoon. In NE corner of Glades/NE 2nd.

          It's a strip mall hole-in-the-wall with about 5 tables plus a counter if you want to dine fast/alone, which I did.

          Service was fast and friendly.

          For lunch I had the Bistec de Palomilla ($11.95): Marinated top sirloin, grilled and served with Mojo onions, with rice/beans and plantains for my two sides options. (photo attached, after I had already dived into it)

          It was excellent, the thin steak was tender and absolutely delicous, the onions the perfect complement. And I saved the sweet plaintains for what amounted to a nice little dessert. I'll be back.

          Meanwhile, you may also want to look into Papas Tapas in Delray. See thread here (it is full menu not just tapas).

          It is Spanish not Cuban but you may want to take a look anyway...