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Jan 12, 2013 09:38 AM

U.S. farm-raised catfish or tilapia

Where is the best place to buy U.S. farm-raised fish such as catfish or tilapia? Are there any chain stores that sell U.S. farmed fish consistently? Whole Foods sometimes sells U.S. fish, but not always.

I'd gladly pay a little extra for U.S. product, and this story from NPR upset me:

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  1. Any place that sells fresh never frozen is highly likely to have U.S. sourced fish.

    1. I second redfish62's suggestion. My local fish market (I'm in North Florida) carries locally-raised, never-frozen tilapia *fillets* for $3.99 / lb. Yes, I'm spoiled. :) Too bad I'm not a big fish fan!

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      1. re: Chowbird

        Hey, could you tell me where you get these locally grown tilapia?
        I live in north Florida as well and would love to buy from them, thanks.

      2. I'd guess I've never had a good, fresh piece of tilapia, because it always tastes very "fishy" and is mealy/mushy and unpleasant in texture, the result of freezing/shipping/storage? I have a friend who has her own aquaponics setup and she raises her own tilapia and swears it's a delicately delicious fish.

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        1. re: afridgetoofar

          Really, all of the tilapia I've had tastes incredibly unfishy, it could be chicken to me.

          1. re: jaykayen

            Same here I have to put something on the tilapia to give it flavor or it is difficult for me to eat, it is a totally blank slate.

            1. re: jaykayen

              I agree - tilapia has almost no taste at all, to me. It sounds like afridgetoofar has only had old or improperly handled tilapia.

          2. I don't know where you're located Alemonhead, but all the supermarkets around here in VA sell U.S. farm-raised catfish. If the sign isn't out, all you need do is ask for any seafood origin & they'll be able to tell you.