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Jan 12, 2013 09:03 AM

Buy live cornish hen/Chicken

I'm looking for live Cornish hen/chicken in and around DE and Philadelphia area. I m used to getting fresh live chicken butchered, cleaned & cooked on same day where the taste is indefinite I hate frozen ones. I usually buy fresh live chicken cut/cleaned from oriental supermarket in phillychinatown but they don't carry Cornish hen.
I appreciate if anyone lets me know where I can get live Cornish hens around this area.


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  1. Its a bit out of the area, but if you are willing to travel to Princeton NJ, Griggstown Market may be able to help you They raise their poultry right there, and you may be able to call ahead to order the cornish game hen.

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    1. re: cwdonald

      if Cornish hen is available at this poultry I don't mind taking a trip to NJ once in a while . I will call them right today and check it out. Thank you very much for reply and passing on.


    2. There are other live poultry markets in the 9th St market, below Washington Ave; 7th & Dickinson; and on Spring Garden between 11th & 12th (not 100% sure if that one is still there). No idea if any have cornish hen but if you're in the city already it wouldn't be too hard to cruise around to them.

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        I used to buy live chickens cut and cleaned from one the one at Spring Garden Street, they carry young chicken, baby chicken and Rooster also but not Cornish . I don't know any other poultry although I tried to search thru streets cant locate , since the area is not familiar to me.
        Thank you for response.