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Jan 12, 2013 08:16 AM

Long Skinny Egg

I have a carton of eggs that contains a longish skinny egg. Does anyone know what would cause this and if it's ok to eat?

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  1. I have a hen that lays a 'longish' egg just about all the time.
    Any hen can lay an "odd' egg at times....
    Not a thing wrong with it...OK to eat!


      1. Now that I have chicken-keeping friends I get a lot of my eggs from them, and eggs vary far more in size/shape/color than supermarket eggs would have us believe. Nothing wrong with it.

        1. I get eggs of all different shapes and sizes from my egg guy. I wouldn't be worried about it at all.

          1. I was delighted to see this, because the last few cartons of eggs I've opened have each had at least one long, skinny egg. Nothing wrong with them.

            I suggested to my SO that perhaps chickens are just tense lately. (Think about it.)

            What do chickens worry about that clenches 'em up? Maybe they have quotas to meet. Maybe just being a chicken is enough. They can't be worried about their cholesterol, can they?