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Jan 12, 2013 06:02 AM


Has anyone been there lately on a Saturday night? I remember long waits and was wondering if this was still the case. Thanks.

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  1. Wow! I'm surprised nobody responded sooner about this gem of a southern Mexican place in Broad Axe I just discovered. It's in the same strip mall as Thai Aroma behind the Broad Axe Tavern. Friends who live in Merion trek out regularly so I joined them last evening for dinner. Even on a Memorial Day weekend, the place was 3/4 full by the time we left around 7:00 and folks were still arriving.

    The chalkboard of specials out front had many enticing offerings but I had my heart set on the seafood soup (Sopa Pescado) and enmoladas (taco rolls of shredded chicken with chocolate mole sauce). The soup was superb and worth the drive itself - lots of scallops, chunks of red snapper, shrimp and crab meat in a rich fish stock/tomato broth with veggies and chopped pickled jalapenos. The enmoladas were good but could have used more mole sauce. We all shared some excellent guacamole and relish tray with warm toasted tortilla chips. My friends made short work of their empanadas, spicy grilled shrimp and pulled pork done Yucatan style.

    Probably one of the draws of this BYOB is the free margaritas served with entrees but you have to ask for them. Generous, delicious and the refill pitcher just kept coming. And, from what I could discern, there was no corkage fee for my 24 oz. Coronas (which were ignored after the margaritas arrived.)

    While I had to pack up half of my generous entree for today's lunch, dessert was a must. Again, my flan could have used more syrup but my friends chowed down on a fried pastry shell filled with fruit and whipped cream (the name escapes me.)

    Wait staff was friendly, efficient and accommodating. I will definitely return. Just make sure to ask for the margaritas and an extra measure of sauce on everything.

    1. Always like the place. Have not been there in a year or so. Not sure why. Thanks for the reminder.