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Jan 11, 2013 10:48 PM

Vancouver trip

Had a great trip to Vancouver and did lots of great eating. Thanks for all the recs from this board; they were extremely helpful. We ate a lot of Japanese food, almost all of which was excellent.

The highlights:

1) Hokkaido Ramen Santuoka, Robson St. The place was still very crowded late at night, and for good reason. The toroniku ramen was some of the best broth I have ever had. Every time I passed by the place, which was near our hotel, it was always packed.
2) Green Lemon Grass, Kingsway. Very good pho and lots of other stuff too. The most lively and popular of the places we passed on the Kingsway strip.
3) Juno, Yaletown. Superb sushi, and very friendly. The other stuff on the menu was less of a highlight but the sushi was really good.
4) Bella Gelateria, in the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel. Will not be able to eat gelato again after this one, it was too good.

Other good eats:
1) Kingyo, West End. Lots of small plates, some of them better than other, but standouts including the black cod and death udon (it was indeed hot)
2) La Taqueria, Cambie and Broadway. Pretty good tacos, and reasonably priced.
3) Miko, Robson St. Some good food although the sushi was not quite as good as Juno's. But very cozy and homey all the same
4) Floata, Chinatown. Had dim sum here (although knowing it was not likely to be the best in town) and was fairly satisfied, although everything had shrimp in it, whether it was indicated or not. The dumplings were good.
5) Acme Cafe, Hastings. Diner comfort food, good pulled pork and boar sausage dish alongside some more standard comfort food. The only place we went to (after Medina and Twisted Fork) where we could actally get a seat without waiting for 40 minutes or more.
6) West Restaurant--a good meal although not quite as good as we expected, some of the dishes including the sablefish and the lemon dessert worked well, the risotto and some of the other dishes were not nearly as good.
7) Nicli Antica, Gastown. A good pizza, and obviously authentic, but still kinda feel it doesn't match up to my favorite pizzeria in Kampala (which unfortunately closed recently). The crust was also embarassing to cut because you'd sit there sawing it for hours until it actually cut.

I don't think we had a bad meal...just wish we had a little more time to explore places that were a little further away from downtown, and have a few more Japanese and Chinese meals. Yum!

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  1. Thanks for the report, and glad to hear you didn't kiss too many frogs. I think you have the distinction of being the first visitor from Uganda to post here (at least to my knowledge).

    Good to hear that you found Green Lemon Grass busy -- there are never more than a couple of tables occupied when we go. Hai Phong is the busiest place Viet place we frequent. Too bad you didn't try the bot chien, love that dish at GLG.

    I feel for you regarding the egregious waits at a lot of places. It's harder to avoid peak times when you're traveling and line up averse.

    Also glad you loved Juno. I still prefer Miko, perhaps because I tend to like "old school" style sushi, but I've had a few standout rolls at Juno.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to make this report. I'm sure it will be helpful not only to the many people who ask for restaurant ideas on this board, but also to people like me who are stuck in a rut of eating at the same restaurants and (with a couple of exceptions) haven't even tried many of these places.