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Jan 11, 2013 09:42 PM

Super Bowl week and a little extra

Hello. I'll be in town with my wife,for the first time, during Super Bowl week. My hunch is the usual places might be swarmed until the Monday after the game. We will be here Wednesday to Wednesday, so I'm planning to check some of the more usual suspects once the hordes have left.

But when the hordes are around, I'd like to know about some more off the beaten path places. Divey or ethnic food, cocktails, beer, all that good stuff. Staying near the convention center, but public transit, walking and cabs are all welcome. Thanks!

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  1. Tough order. Our favorite secondary place in your area is Grand Isle. The big names in the area, the Cuchon's, Emerils, Rio Mar, etc will be slammed. Roam Magazine street and do a search here for some of the lesser known places there. New Orlean's "secondary market" is often better than some city's first string. Guys po-boy is often off the normal dining map. Also Tartine for a great lunch.
    A bit further up river is the River Shack, a definite local hole with good lunches.

    1. In the Warehouse district (walking distance for you), a few that won't be on the Super Bowl hordes radar....

      Tomas Bistro
      Eleven 79

      1. Thanks to you both (and anyone who comes in after). These look like great jumping-off points.