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Jan 11, 2013 09:41 PM

which burger joints will do a true rare? (non fast food)

perfect being almost raw in the middle, or even actually raw, but not cold.

i've had a decent one at kua aina and i heard the counter does it.

burgers on the edge wouldn't do it, it had to be well done. they're gone anyway. good riddance, i say. (i'm still mad about the $30 burger that was one of the worst burgers i've ever had.)

teddy's will accept a really really rare order, but when it comes out it's well done.

unlike some others, i like cheeseburger in paradise (have not eaten at cheeseburger waikiki, their sister store), but it was more of a medium rare.

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  1. Wolfgang's does a Perfect "Rare" Burger for $10- at lunch. Best Burger in Waikiki.

    1. pretty sure "Salt" will do it....i've had some perfectly cooked medium rare burgers there, dont see why they wouldnt go rare.

      1. Mala Ocean Tavern, Maui, will do well for you.

        1. i forgot about big city diner - they accomodated me nicely on this. kaimuki location.