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Jan 11, 2013 08:47 PM

What America drinks

A pithy little 10 year survey of America's drinking habits/trends.

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  1. Interesting.

    Gotta say I'm contributing to the milk, juice and soda trends (decreasing) as well as contributing to the wine, distilled liquor and tea trends (increasing). I'm doing my damnedest to fight the beer trend on my own (beer consumption is decreasing), and I'm also fighting the nominal decrease in coffee consumption.

    I drink way less soda than I used to. I drink almost no milk or juice anymore. I just got into coffee a few years back but drink a lot of it. Alcohol - the sweet nectar - I love in all it's forms and happily consume many gallons of, regardless of whatever reasonable timeline you want to hold me to.

    1. On the whole, surprisingly salutary trends.

      1. Is water increasing or decreasing, or staying the same? On the one hand, if juice and soda are decreasing, some of those drinkers could be switching to water. Water is getting a lot of press as a healthy drink/hydrating alternative. Besides, it's been traditional to get the free water served in restaurants in the US.
        Maybe coffee consumption is decrasing a bit because it is getting more expensive and of higher quality. Quality vs. quantity.

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        1. re: Wawsanham

          That's what I did. I reduced my soda consumption from 3-4 diet cokes a day down to one. The rest of the day, mostly, I drink water.

          1. re: juliejulez

            My tea consumption increased when I discovered Tejava brand bottled tea.

        2. Interesting. I think a lot of this must be different by age group.

          Milk and Juice are staples in this house, with my husband drinking the most. We drink a lot of water, but I don't buy bottled unless I'm out and my klean kanteen is empty. We drink and fill our own containers from our Berkey water filter. I rarely drink alcohol anymore and soda maybe a couple times a week.

          Coffee consumption has reduced by my husband and both hot and iced teas have always been popular. But then I grew up with sweet tea, although I drink it unsweet by choice.

          1. Just read an interesting article about the lack of cancers in China which the author traced to the non-dairy-eating Chinese. Some places posted less than 1% per thousand people found with breast or prostate cancer...all supposedly due to not ingesting any milk, butter, yoghurt or products including same. Thought provoking......

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            1. re: amazinc

              Those rates have to be in the countryside, right?

              I can't imagine the cancer rates being anything but an outlier on the high side in metropolitan areas like Beijing, etc.

              Of course, we're talking about *reported* cancer rights, right?

                1. re: amazinc

                  As my husband says one has to be very careful about any "official" statistics released by China.

                  Whatever the theory may be China still suffers from cancer. Heavy smoking habits and high pollution levels is certainly contributing to plenty of cancer among its population, especially in the urban areas.