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Jan 11, 2013 05:38 PM

Where to eat on a Monday night?

I am looking for a not to pricey sit-down restaurant (preferable under 15$ per person) that is open on Monday, has that Montreal flavour and can fit 6 people at a table! This has not been easy, many of the restaurants are closed Mondays, don't have large tables or are out of my price change. To further complicate things I am trying to avoid Asian-themed places. Any advice?
I was considering Arepera du Plateau but it closed on Monday, maybe Santropol Roulant but I am not a big fan....
Locations being considered : Sud-Ouest, Plateau, Little -Italy, Mile-End

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    1. Aux Vivres
      Pizza Napoletana
      La Banquise

        1. re: EaterBob

          Good list but most of these do not fall under the "cheap eats" category.

        2. Thanks everyone - La Banquise and Aux Vivres are good options. Also was considering Lola Rosa.

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              Sumary of our La Cabane experience.
              Everyone was able to have a decent size meal and drinks for under 20$ (this included drinks and tip, all main entries were under 15$). It was more pub-style food than expected but decent and filling, nothing fancy. Everyone enjoyed their meal (Calamari, steak, and Sole).
              La Cabane was on the main, so my friend got one last chance to see some nice parts of Montreal.
              FYI - (1) Asian was avoided because my friend was flying to Vancouver and the Asian food, inlcuding Indian, is just better in BC
              (2) We also didn't want French food as she is from France

              We would have liked to go to a latino place (cuz we make it better here than in France and Vancouver) but they were either out of our price range, closed or we couldn't confirm they were open on Monday. Which is why we ended up opting for "Portuguese." I have trouble classifying La Cabane as Portuguese, it is more akin to mediterranean pub-food as you get your main served with fries and salad.

              We were satisfied, not stressed out by the bill and happy to try out a new place. All went well, Thanks for the input.

              1. re: raisaroo

                Glad you liked it. I was there on Monday too for their $10 steak & fries special. There's more authentic Portuguese across the street at Jano, but there's not too many places you can get a meal and a pint for $20 or less!

          1. The Main
            La Cabane
            Chef Guru or Thali (unless Indian is "Asian-themed")
            pubs like McKibbins, Ye Olde Orchard, Vieux Dublin, etc.