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Jan 11, 2013 04:34 PM

Roasted asparagus with less oil?

I love roasted asparagus and plan to cook up a lovely dinner for a good friend tonight of seared tuna and scallops with roasted asparagus. I usually douse it with a healthy amount of oil but she has jumped on the New Year's resolution train and so ideally I'd like to cut back where I can. Is it possible to roast asparagus with a minimal amount of oil (just a light coating) - 1 tbsp or less for a bunch?

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  1. Yes, what kind of oil? Use a "healthy" oil and there should be no problem at all.

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    1. re: wyogal

      I usually use olive oil or grapeseed oil. It's the health quality of the oil but the calories of the oil which is 120/tbsp of most oils so instead of my usual 3-4 tbsp, I probably should limit to 1 tbsp or so but not sure if it will be as yummy. I imagine it'll still get the burned yummy bits.

    2. Prob too late here but yes, 1 tbsp should be fine. I rarely use more than that. I lay them out on the baking sheet then drizzle the oil and roll them around in the oil and they get coated just fine.

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        I think I actually "got away with" 2 tsps and it was delicious!!

      2. Why not grill, where you can almost use no oil.

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          Good idea, though no grill. Roasted worked well but will give that a try when I have a grill and good weather available.

        2. Try grilling until they are just turning almost dark with a tiny sprinkle of Kosher salt and a tiny sprinkle of good balsamic vinegar. It's like entering 'Asparagus Nirvana'. I do it this way only when our local asparagus is in season. 'The Hundred Mile diet' is my goal.

          1. I don't use oil on asparagus at all. I've used cooking spray (gasp!!) for years (also for caloric reasons) and don't have any problem with it. Other veggies definitely need oil but I find asparagus doesn't. YMMV. I top asparagus with a sprinkling of dried thyme (another Chowhound sin) and kosher salt.