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Jan 11, 2013 04:08 PM

Bar / Pub in Toronto Party Space

Im looking to throw a birthday party for two of my friends (turning 23 and 27) And a guest list of about 50 people-ish. Id like a place that's relaxed but wont mind the group getting a little rowdy.

Not so concerned about food but relatively cheap booze would be nice!

Searching just about anywhere, currently living in the annex.

Any info helps :)

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    1. I had a birthday at gabby's on Bloor they had a room in the basement with a pool table that was good and gave to me for a minimum spending of 1200 which was easy (even on separate bills) that location may have changed but it was fun!

      1. Dominion on Queen has a couple private rooms:

        Fill Station in the Beach has their upstairs for bookings.

        1. Not sure if you want to head north, but we had a great party at Cam's Place (on Yonge, 2 doors south of Sporting Life) with about 40 ppl 2 years ago. They rented out the upstairs bar. We had to spend only $700. They had special prices--$5 pints, $4 shots. Bartender was great. We pre-odered some food, but you don't have to.

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            Boy, would you be disappointed if you went in there now!

          2. You can also try Molly Bloom's on College - I held an event there with ~50 people and was able to book the top floor. Cheapish drinks and they have (had? it's been awhile) a group appetizer menu.