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Bar / Pub in Toronto Party Space

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Im looking to throw a birthday party for two of my friends (turning 23 and 27) And a guest list of about 50 people-ish. Id like a place that's relaxed but wont mind the group getting a little rowdy.

Not so concerned about food but relatively cheap booze would be nice!

Searching just about anywhere, currently living in the annex.

Any info helps :)

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    1. I had a birthday at gabby's on Bloor they had a room in the basement with a pool table that was good and gave to me for a minimum spending of 1200 which was easy (even on separate bills) that location may have changed but it was fun!

      1. Dominion on Queen has a couple private rooms:

        Fill Station in the Beach has their upstairs for bookings.

        1. Not sure if you want to head north, but we had a great party at Cam's Place (on Yonge, 2 doors south of Sporting Life) with about 40 ppl 2 years ago. They rented out the upstairs bar. We had to spend only $700. They had special prices--$5 pints, $4 shots. Bartender was great. We pre-odered some food, but you don't have to.

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            Boy, would you be disappointed if you went in there now!

          2. You can also try Molly Bloom's on College - I held an event there with ~50 people and was able to book the top floor. Cheapish drinks and they have (had? it's been awhile) a group appetizer menu.

            1. The second floor of the Pilot Tavern is available for rent, and they are generally reasonable about bringing in music, bands, and stuff. Not sure about food, but they would likely be reasonable on the drink as their regular prices are not on the high end. The space is called the Stealth Lounge.

              Another option is the Tranzac Club on Brunswick near Bloor., A few different spaces to choose from and decent selections of drafts.

              You can be as loud as you want in either of these places.