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Jan 11, 2013 02:23 PM

Looking for Nyons olive oil in Paris

Is there a store in Paris where I can buy olive oil from Nyons?

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  1. I'm not positive it's from Nyons, but you might try G. Detou in rue Tiquetonne (metro Etienne Marcel)

    1. Première Pression Provence (various locations, google it). Specialize in pure-origin olive oils from small producers. Some are from Nyons.

      Oliviers &Co (various locations). At least one olive oil from Nyons (not cheap).

      Le Monde des Olives, 14 rue Laugier (17e).

      Please note that what makes Nyons olive oil is not just the origin, it is also the variety (tanche). Make sure that variety is mentioned. At tasting the buttery note is dominant.

      1. Thanks. Having gone to Nyons almost annually for the past 20+ years, I'm very familiar with the tanche olive. Going to Paris later this month and was hoping to re-supply since the 5L we brought home last summer is gone. Many thanks for your help.

        1. Probably A l'Olivier at 23 rue de Rivoli in the 4th is your best bet. Not sure if Nyons is considered provençale enough for Première Pression Provence to carry it but it's a great shop too... and, btw, the luncheonette thingey in their Square Trousseau branch is a hoot... impromptu cooking demos by "Miss Lunch"

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            Première Pression Provence does have Nyons olive oil from the Coopérative du Nyonsais (for your information, Nyons is located in Drôme provençale) or I wouldn't have mentioned it. I double-check any information I give so please be kind not to question it.
            Oliviers &Co also have it, and both chains have several locations in Paris so I picked them for practicality reasons.
            A l'Olivier does carry Nyons olive oil, but it has only one retail store in Paris. Good if you're in the Hôtel de Ville area.

            1. re: Ptipois

              "I double-check any information I give so please be kind not to question it" - impressive, but as this is a discussion board questioning is perfectly legitimate - isn't it? I question my friends in conversation so why not here?

              1. re: PhilD

                This deserves a simple answer:

                Questioning is legitimate when there is something to question. When it is not the case, write in additional info if you wish, but be respectful to the previous poster.

                If I inform the OP that a product is available at a certain address and someone replies questioning the information without having checked (and on shaky grounds), I consider that not very nice. Wouldn't you?
                Let's not split hairs here and let's avoid this to drag on into a sterile discussion, when the question is merely forum/conversation manners.

                1. re: Ptipois

                  Calmez-vous, madame... there was no attack on your credibility... I was simply wondering if Nyons in Drôme (a part of Dauphiné) would be covered by a company specializing in provençal products... just a historical/ geographical comment... and, thanks to you, I now find we have a Drôme provençale when it comes to olive oil... la fin.