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Jan 11, 2013 01:42 PM

Splurge Birthday meal? Prefer a tasting menu.

I will be taking the day off from work and would like indulge myself to a memorable dinner. A daytrip to a destination restaurant would be most welcome. For my birthday last year, I drove down to Oregon (had an itch to go see the ocean) for Pok Pok for happy hour, followed by Le Pigeon for dinner.

I've already gone through about 80+ restaurants in Seattle, including all of the top local spots. Also have done tasting menus at Rover's, Herbfarm, Canlis, Willow's Inn, Altura, Spinasse, and RN74. Rather than go someplace familiar, I'd like to check out something new.

I'm looking at the following three which I've never visited:

1) Inn at Langley
2) Copperleaf
3) Salish Lodge

Thoughts on any of those?

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  1. So I haven't been to Inn at Langely, but based on what I know of it here's my thoughts. Salish lodge has more 'hotel-y' food--the food is not the main draw, and it sort of shows? I think it's getting better since I was there...but not a 'food' destination, more of a 'food+view+spa' destination.

    Copperleaf is very good, I'm a big fan, but it's more Altura, Spinasse/RN74 in terms of a menu you can do a tasting menu of, but without the formality/all in-ness of Rover's, Herbfarm, Willow's. I'd think that for that, you're looking at Inn at Langely, though again, I haven't eaten at that one.

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      Thanks, dagoose. Your tips are exactly what I'd read about the places so far, and I'm definitely leaning towards the top two choices.

      Copperleaf - I certainly wouldn't mind ordering four or five items from the menu and measuring the chef's talent that way.

      Inn at Langley - I've read that the food there is in the same vein as Willow's Inn (which I tried and enjoyed last month). I can't seem to find any photos of the food online, unfortunately.

      1. re: gumption

        When I went to the Inn at Langley, they were doing all local foods. We went in January and were disappointed and vowed to go back during a season with better bounty. They may have strayed from the strictly local rule by now.

    2. The food at Copperleaf is quite good, but the ambiance is strange. It feels like you are eating in a hotel lobby bar...

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        I think it's because you are eating in a hotel lobby. I think it's strange too. I believe the space that PAO is referring to is now used as banquet facilities.

        I enjoyed the food though.

      2. I like Copperleaf's ambiance. Spacious, lovely room.

        1. altura is delicious but it can get very expensive, very quickly. have you looked at poppy? thalis are tasting menus by design.

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          1. re: amybobamy

            I've done Altura twice and their food is wonderful indeed. Cost really isn't a factor... I don't mind spending $$$ on my birthday. Poppy I've done once and wasn't really blown away.

          2. Copperleaf is consistently delicious. The food and service are always spot on. They do have tasting menus on occasion (I was there for their New Years Eve 6-course tasting menu) but you can easily create your own menu, with wine parings.

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            1. re: amyh18

              You might even call Copperleaf, and ask if the Chef could do a tasting menu for you/your party specifically? Some places are happy to do such a thing, and I think Copperleaf would be happy to oblige...

              1. re: amyh18

                Based on the number of recommendations, looks like Copperleaf is where I'm headed. They currently have a tasting menu option listed on their restaurant website... so fingers crossed.