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Jan 11, 2013 12:46 PM

pizza, homestyle italian food

any recommendations for basic, fresh "common dish ", italian restaurants would be greatly appreciated. Not interested in "nuveau" italian food. Or how about pizza with crunchy crust.? im am very tired of designer mopey slushy pizza. (seems to be very popular in nyc.& williamsburg) Grazie !

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  1. Di Meo in Andorra has great pizza.

      1. re: Bigley9

        +1 Marra's for pizza (I recommend ordering it "well done" and going light on the toppings). The rest of the menu probably has the items you are looking for but they are not very good IMO and not especially "fresh" tasting either. L'Angolo as recommended by SylviaG is probably a better choice for that. I also like Hosteria Da Elio near 4th & South for basic Italian dishes but L'Angolo is better (in my memory, haven't been there in near two years probably).

        You also could try Stogie Joe's on East Passyunk, right near Marra's. Great pizza and homestyle Italian-American dishes. Small menu, pub atmosphere. The pizza is a different style; square, sort of a deep dish, sauce on top of the cheese. Not a soft crust. Santucci's at 10th & Christian also has great pizza in the same style; I have found the non-pizza items there very hit or miss. Both places have good meatballs.

      2. Giuseppe's Trattoria in Edgemont

        1. L'angolo at 15th and Porter.

          1. Unsure of the area in which you are looking. From the Boot in Ambler and two other locations has what I would define as basic, fresh, "common dish". In Spring House there is Mina Cucina, a bit on the pricy side compared to FTB but usually very tasty and definitely fresh, good NY style pie.

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              I have yet to try Mina Cucina, despite my best efforts.

              A few months ago I had one of those "running around" days, didn't get to stop for lunch and was starving. It was about 4:00 on a weekday, we were driving by Mina, so decided to stop in. We were greeted very pleasantly, but the staff was having their meal, so they could not seat/serve us. No big deal--it was an off hour, and restaurant folks need to eat, rest, etc.

              However, today we were driving back from the Arboretum, and nothing makes me hungrier than a few hours walking on a chilly day. It was about 12:30. We went in and it was empty. Not only no diners, no staff, despite the fact the "open" sign was on, the doors were open and the tables were set. We even peeked back in the kitchen: there was one pot simmering and not a soul in sight. Very bizarre. (Luckily, Arpeggio is close by, so we got our Italian fix. And I had to wonder how many of the crowd at Arpeggio--it was close to capacity--had also first stopped at Mina.)

              The reports on this place always seem positive, so I'll try again (maybe at a traditional dinner hour).

              1. re: gaffk

                Mina Cucina is very acceptable, so I would try them again if in the area. You may also want to look in at Il Giardino, which has Italian-American classics and well-done crusts without special request.

                1. re: mookleknuck

                  I had left a comment for the owner and received a very nice e-mail from her. The odd thing is, their web site posted hours are very different from what she says is their hours. (And there's no Saturday lunch.) I'm sure I'll get there eventually . . . I just never seem to be driving by when I'm hungry and their open ;)

                  I'll keep an eye out for Il Giardino. That's on Bethlehem Pike as well, correct?

                  1. re: gaffk

                    I only ever notice that Mina Cucina is open for dinner. And not every night. And never late.

                    Il Giardino is right next to the post office on Bethlehem Pike. Nothing amazing and slow service, but competently executed classics if you've the patience and time.