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Jan 11, 2013 11:45 AM

Apple strudel in SF or E. Bay?

I've got a friend who loves apple strudel. So I thought it would be nice to try and find a good one for her b'day. the only thought I have is to go to Clement st and check out European Market's offerings. But I'm curious if anyone has any other suggestion of a "new world" take on an "old world" delicacy.

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  1. ps I didn't see it on the Crixa website

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Crixa is so fantastic; I have not tried the Almas retes.

          I love Crixa's pumpkin pie. The other day I made two Cook's il pumpkin pies (the recipe that includes candied yams). It was so much work and since I could not fit 2 pies in my oven at once, I had to do everything twice. Took me hours and hours. I should have just driven from SF to Berkeley to get Crixa's perfect pumpkin pie! (Plus the recipe has a problem; should be cooked longer that they specify!!)

      1. I seriously just got a slice from the Moonside Bakery in Half Moon Bay and it was astonishing... HUGE chunks of fresh apples, tender pastry, and very tasty spices.

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          It sounds delicious, but not, I think, very authentic. The more authentic versions I've had have smaller pieces of apple layered into the pastry, not big chunks wrapped in the pastry.