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Jan 11, 2013 11:23 AM

Need help with new restaurant ideas for V Day for new parents!


My husband and I have a seven-month-old, and haven't been out to dinner in a WHILE. We love our daughter and are having a blast with her, but fancy restaurants aren't as much a part of our lives anymore. We went to a lot of good restaurants before our daughter was born, and I want to take him for lunch on the Saturday after Valentine's Day (lunchtime is when we can get a babysitter) at a great restaurant that we haven't been to before. I'd prefer not to have brunch, but am pretty open. Price is mostly unimportant. I wouldn't consider Per Se or Brooklyn Fare because if we want to spend that kind of money, I'd rather do it at dinner. We have been to the following:
EMP, JG, Marea, The Modern, Scarpetta, WD-50, Peter Luger, Scalini Fedeli, The Odeon, Balthazar, Artisanal, Del Posto, Babbo, Daniel, Torrisi, Craft, Perilla, Kin Shop, Saul, Momofukus Noodle and Ssam, Le Bernardin, and a few others that I can't remember.

I haven't looked at restaurant news in a while and I'm having trouble finding inspiration.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Upscale Saturday lunch:
    Cafe Boulud
    La Grenouille
    Momofuku Ko - though at $175 for lunch, it's fairly close to Per Se's $185 for lunch

    1. Do the lunch tasting menu at Bouley. It's $50 for 5 courses, but when I went it was more like 12 courses with all the extras. You can't beat it for the price. It's also probably the most beautiful room in the city.

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        i second bouley's lunch but make sure you order some wine or the service isn't as welcoming...

      2. La Silhouette
        Vice Versa