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Jan 11, 2013 11:19 AM

Help out a Philly hound coming to your fine city

I will be heading to Austin in February for a long weekend and I plan to eat as much as I can while I am there. I was there one night a few years ago with a buddy's band and went to some great spots on 6th st. We are staying around the same area this time so any suggestions on food truck or restaurants in the area would be great. We are huge BBQ and mexican fans so I know we are going to be in the right place. Thanks!!!

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  1. Live Oak BBQ is quite good and is more of a "late" spot (i.e.; you don't have to get there right as they open - in fact, they don't start serving the daily special until 2 or 3).

    Of course, there's Franklin's BBQ, but you'll spend a few hours in line and will need to get there around 9 a.m. (they open at 11).

    I think Polvo's is still quite good for guajillo fajitas.

    If you haven't been in the Whole Foods downtown, that's always a hoot for first timers.

    Also, Manuel's is good for a drink and a snack (dinner there can be passed). I like the Hongos Guisados, chiviche and the chicken mole, all on half-price happy hour.

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      Thanks for the help. I have heard great things about Franklin and if I can pull it off I will be waiting in that line. The Manuel's tip sounds like a winner.

    2. Franklin is a must. For a downtown truck option, I'm a big fan of Surf n Turf Po-boys, the trailer on 4th street just east of the congress intersection, for a really fresh and healthy blackened catfish or mahi fish taco. They run a solid seafood fryer too for loads of fried options.

      Not mex or BBQ, but Bangers and G'Raj Mahal on Rainey just off of Cesar Chavez are other good downtown bets, as is a good rueben at Easy Tiger on 5th street just west of hwy 35 where they prep their own cured meats and bake their own breads.

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        Thanks slowcooked for the great recommendations. It seems like a lot of places are doing their own cured meats in Austin. Is that something that has been a standard there or a new movement in the Austin food scene?