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Jan 11, 2013 11:15 AM

Red Hook Fairway news?

Any updates on when and/or if it may be reopening? Thanks in advance.

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  1. My wife was at the Harlem Fairway the other day, and they had news on the video ad monitors or something --

    they plan to be back up and running in MARCH :(

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    1. re: scooter

      I'm hearing April & trying to not think about it. I miss it.

    2. latest I heard was around valentines day

      1. For whatever it's worth -- A friend went to the Fairway in Harlem today, and she was told that Red Hook will open around March 1st.

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        1. re: parkslopemama

          they also posted today that theyre starting to hire additional staff for the store, which means it has to be around the corner

          1. re: shoelace

            In that post they specifically say they are scheduled to open in March.

        2. I never realized how much I relyed on the Red Hook Fairway until it closed. I can't wait till it re-opens!!

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          1. re: italianyc84

            Same here. I am finding myself in 3 and 4 stores and still not getting all I need. I actually went to the one in Westbury a couple of weeks ago.

          2. Just saw this report of a March 1 reopening. Yay!