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Jan 11, 2013 11:09 AM

Huarachitos reopened?

One of my favorite mexican places in town was Huarachitos in Rainier Valley. Anybody know if they have reopened after the fire?

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    Sounds like they may be opening again in April at Othello Station.

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    1. re: GreenYoshi

      I hope so, it was a warm and likable place. Maybe this time they could sustain el trompo full-time.

    2. My wife and I bump into the owners in Georgetown once in a while. Last time we saw them (a few months ago) I'm sure they were working on opening another place. I can't remember what they said specifically but I can ask my wife what the status was....

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      1. re: TheCarrieWatson

        That would be awesome. I'd love to know more; been missing that place.

        1. re: seattle_lee

          I just emailed my wife - she will probably remember. We bumped into them at La Catrina a couple of months ago but there was a live salsa band and I couldn't hear anything. I met them originally just as they were opening Huarachitos at a bar in Georgetown. Somehow we started talking and she told me about 'this restaurant' they were opening. It was kind of sweet because apparently she'd owned restaurants before, but was opening this one for her husband as it was his dream. I was delighted when it became a success. Very very nice people.

          1. re: TheCarrieWatson

            OK, yeah - according to my wife they're still on track for opening in the spring. Next time we see them I'll try to get some more info if you'd like.

      2. OK, my wife and I talked to Enrique at La Catrina, who knows those two pretty well. They're definitely opening with a target of March or April. It's going to be in the same basic area but he said it's going to be "much grander". As an interesting aside, most of the heavy kitchen equipment at La Catrina is the old Huarachitos stuff!

        1. Any news on this? I can't seem to find anything that indicates they have reopened.

          1. They have reopened. No menu on their website yet.


            Has anyone been there yet? Is it up to their standards at the old place? I'm in North Seattle and want to know if it's still worth the long drive there.