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Jan 11, 2013 11:04 AM

Raw Almonds Aren't Really Raw

I just found out raw almonds are all either heat or chemically treated in California. What a bummer! Do you know if other "raw" nuts are not really raw either? or is it just almonds? I am searching for a source of actual raw nuts. Why can't they stop messing with my food?

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    1. Isn't it f$#$ing ridiculous?

      You can buy actual raw/unpastuerized almonds directly from the producer (sounds like DiningDiva may have some suggestions for sources).

      (Here's an example of such a farm shop: (a great nut/raw/snack supplier) has raw unpasteurized, organic IMPORTED almonds:

      1. Given the recent salmonella issue with organic peanut butter can't see why you're upset that they pasteurize almonds.

        1. I buy nuts in shells (including almonds) by the pound at Middle Eastern/Mediterranean markets in San Diego. Never thought they had any sort of 'treatment', and know they are not cooked to any taste/texture of 'roasted' nuts that can be purchased.