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Raw Almonds Aren't Really Raw

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I just found out raw almonds are all either heat or chemically treated in California. What a bummer! Do you know if other "raw" nuts are not really raw either? or is it just almonds? I am searching for a source of actual raw nuts. Why can't they stop messing with my food?

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    1. Isn't it f$#$ing ridiculous?

      You can buy actual raw/unpastuerized almonds directly from the producer (sounds like DiningDiva may have some suggestions for sources).

      (Here's an example of such a farm shop:

      Nuts.com (a great nut/raw/snack supplier) has raw unpasteurized, organic IMPORTED almonds:

      1. Given the recent salmonella issue with organic peanut butter can't see why you're upset that they pasteurize almonds.

        1. I buy nuts in shells (including almonds) by the pound at Middle Eastern/Mediterranean markets in San Diego. Never thought they had any sort of 'treatment', and know they are not cooked to any taste/texture of 'roasted' nuts that can be purchased.

            1. Here's why: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Almond#M...

              Wonder what the update has been since 2009

              1. There is some nutrient loss in steam-heated almonds that is unwanted, and, in the case of many almonds, also unnecessary. There is propylene oxide residues in almonds that are gassed to reduce Salmonella concentrations, and this will be a bad thing because propylene oxide is classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a probable human carcinogen.
                In the long run, I believe that the only solution to the Salmonella-and-almonds predicament will be to understand the underlying reasons why Salmonella bacteria become present in certain batches of almonds and to correct these underlying problems, which I believe have most likely evolved due to non-sustainable approaches to almond growing and inappropriate post-harvest processing.