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Jan 11, 2013 10:17 AM

Excellent experience at Vinebrook Tavern in Lexington

The Swankettes went for a ladies' night at Vinebrook recently and had a wonderful time. It's the new spot from nightlife impresario Brian Lesser, improbably situated in downtown Lexington, in the old Vinny T's space. Got there about 7pm and the place was booming. Full bar, packed dining room. Luckily, we had a reservation. An affable hostess escorted us to our seats. We did wait a very long time for menus and water, but once our waiter arrived, he was chipper and gallant.

We split the pork dumplings, a large portion of four in a delicious sake-sour plum sauce. Honestly, these porkers could've competed with Mary Chung's or Qingdao's! Exceptional, and full of meaty pork! I ordered a special burger -- chopped sirloin, rare, with bleu cheese. Excellent fries came alongside, plus an addictive spicy garlic aioli. Lettuce, juicy tomato, and onion, too -- plus a sweet brioche-y bun. Amazing! Friend Swankette got the Vinebrook burger topped with VT cheddar, l, t, o, and side of sweet tater fries.

I also enjoyed a very nice Malbec at a mere $5.

Service was a bit slow, but other than that, I would give this place two thumbs up. Certainly one of the best spots I've visited in those dreary-food Western burbs!!

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  1. did you notice if the burger was cooked on a griddle or over a fire?

    1. Really? I'm surprised to hear such a glowing review. Both times we have been there, once with friends, we received amateurish food and service. But it is a decent place to have a drink that's close to home, which is what I think we'll use it for.

      We've tried the quinoa entree, cod cassoulet, lobster sliders and tacos, roasted cauliflower and Brussels sprouts...can't remember what else. No one was wowed. I'd be curious to hear about other posters' experiences there.

      1. We went this past Saturday night for an early dinner. We had a similar experience to digga -- amateurish service and food. I was so hopeful when I saw an Aviation on the cocktail menu. After some confusion on the waiter's part as to whether it was actually on the menu, it arrived and got sent back. It was bright red and nasty tasting. We should have left at that point. Onto the food. Bacon and cheddar biscuits were dry as was the basket of bread. Lobster sliders were tasty but the rolls were dry (a theme?). Meatball flatbread was cold but tasty enough. Burger was cooked to order (medium rare) but didn't have much taste. The bottom part of the roll disintegrated. The accompanying sweet potato fries were limp. We were waiting for the big sell of dessert options as we had witnessed the show at a nearby table, but we were not asked if we wanted dessert. At that point it was abot 7pm and we heard our waiter talking with the couple at the next table, who had just arrived. he said he couldn't take their order because the kitchen was backed up. So they sat there staring at their menus and we quickly made our exit. We were so hoping for better food in the burbs but this ain't it I'm afraid.

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          Thank you much for reporting this.I think you've saved a number of us from big disappointment.

        2. I've been there recently, too. I had the cod cassoulet and thought it was very good. We sat at the bar to eat. There was just the one bartender, so the service was a bit slow, but not horrible. I would go back.

          1. Decided to visit for lunch today, they only serve lunch on Fridays and Brunch on Sat-Sun. The interior was nice, the place was completely redone inside with a big u-shaped bar downstairs and they also opened up the space over the hostess station so it's open to the ceiling on the second floor. The service was quick and friendly and they were fairly busy. Prices are on the high side and I had the steak frites, sliced butchers sirloin, parmesan & arugula fries, Burgundy demi-glace, whiskey-onion butter. The steak came out as ordered and was tender but I have never heard of butchers sirloin. The steak was served atop the fries and that promptly made them soggy, not the brightest idea. I saw no trace of the demiglace unless it was also poured over the fries. Despite that it was a very pleasant lunch and I'll be back.