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Jan 11, 2013 10:07 AM

New in downtown Westerly

It looks like there's a new restaurant in the spot where Jasmine/Siam Thai was. I couldn't read the signs when driving past. Anyone know what it is? (Hopefully not Thai....)

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  1. No, not Thai, but just as unecessary. It's another breakfast/lunch spot. Menu looks totally uninspired. Lunch is mainly burgers. Nothing has ever lasted very long in that venue, and I doubt that this will be an exception.

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      OK I see that the name of is it "Hot or Not"??? Weird.

    2. Correction: they do serve dinner. Can't find a dinner menu online. They seem to have a facebook page, but no web site.
      This trend really bugs me.

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        I completely agree... they cut themselves off from the people who aren't on the facebook bandwagon (like me). Not a smart move when you're in a location that has been failing for the last 10+ years.... good luck, "Hot or Not"!

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