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Jan 11, 2013 09:45 AM

Bar Room at the Modern: What to Order?

3 Girls having a Birthday dinner at the Bar Room, what are your favorites?

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  1. I really liked the grilled scallops last time I was there (the cauliflower and pumpkin emulsion went well with the scallops).
    Most other dishes I had were good as well, but didn't leave as much of a mark on me as this (although maybe that's because I'm a fan of seared/grilled scallops).

    I don't know if dessert would be on the menu or not (if you have plans elsewhere for cake or something), but most of their dessert menu is pretty good (my favorite being the dark chocolate pistachio dome; although if you get it, don't neglect the ice cream or it'll melt).

    I haven't tried as many of their cocktails, but did enjoy the Beneventano the last time I was there.

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      Yes, those scallops are surprisingly memorable! I wasn't sure about the combination of ingredients on paper, but the dish is excellent.

    2. egg in a jar, liverwurst (trust me, it's great), mushroom soup w/ chorizo raviolis, pork belly

      1. Alsatian Country Soup

        1. I usually do two savories and one dessert per person. Even though it's "small plates" a lot of the items are a little tough to share. It's doable but a little awkward.

          2nd the egg in a jar, liverwurst, mushroom soup with chorizo ravioli, pork belly, seared scallops with cauliflower. And the beignets.

          I'm sad to see that the Long Island duck breast with pistachio sauce and peppercorn encrusted apples is now gone!

          See also:

          1. Some favorites:

            Wild Mushroom Soup with toasted chorizo ravioli

            Upside Down Tuna Tarte with fennel, Japanese cucumber and aïoli

            Slow-Poached Farm Egg “In a Jar” with Maine lobster,
            hon shimeji mushroom, and sea urchin froth

            Alsatian Buckwheat Späetzle with Yellowfin tuna paillard crudo, roasted foie gras, pine nuts and black pepper gastrique

            House Made Alsatian Country Sausage with sauerkraut and whole-grain mustard sauce

            Duck Confit à l’Orange with Brussels sprouts and fingerling

            Braised Tripe with chickpeas and harissa aïoli