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Jan 2, 2006 01:52 PM

clarksburg lunch

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I'm going to be visiting the Bogle winery in Clarksburg. Does anyone have lunch recs?

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  1. You didn't say when you are going but I'd call first if it's in the next few days. They're on Merritt Island next to a tributary (canal?) with the Sac. River not far to the east. Given current weather would definitely check road conditions.

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      Thanks, I'm not planning on going for a few weeks. But I still need a lunch recommendation.

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        there is no restaraunt in clarksburg. the closest place is shorty's which is a mexican restaraunt. just out of town torward's jefferson.

    2. You might call the winery and ask the tasting room folks for Clarksburg recs. There are many recs on this board for Sac if you want to drive into town--10 to 15 min.

      If you feel like driving 10-15 minutes and the roads are ok, you could drive down the River Road to either Al's Place in Locke, or Giusti's in Walnut Grove. Both on the other side of the river. Pretty country, as opposed to driving into Sac.

      Giusti's is old-family Portuguese dining. Al's is old-timey, with a vintage bar and very casual dining. Had a burger there this summer that knocked my socks off. Nuthin' fancy- but real food and you're dining with locals. Both have good local reps.


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        I call Walnut Grove my hometown. Guisti's has been around for decades, owned by the Morias family (very nice people), has a very country dinner house menu, and local color galore....but anywhere you dine in that area will be heavy on the locals.

        For a lunchtime treat, try the taco truck that parts on the Grand Island side of the Walnut Grove bridge. Talk about local color and for-real food!

      2. Way too late for the original request, but Tony's Tacos truck, just south of Courtland on Highway 160.

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          Let's see if I can make the menu readable.