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Jan 11, 2013 09:39 AM

Chef Coming To Denver March 10-12

Hello Everyone,

I will be headed out to Denver from Philadelphia in March for a chef conferance. I have never been to the Mile High City, and I am Certainly looking forward to hanging out for a few days. Only thing is.....

I only have ONE night to head out to dinner on my own with friends.

questions is....

If you had to eat at one place in your city what would it be.

Kind of a loaded question, but I would love to hear from the Locals rather than read something online.

Price is not really a concern, its going to be 6-7 Chefs looking for tastings or Local Fare or both. High End Casual would be awesome too..

Thank you everyone in advance.


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  1. If you search the Mountain States board you will find many of the same answers I'll put here.

    Euclid Hall
    Bistro Vendomme

    These three are owned/ran by Chef Jennifer Jasinski and Beth Gruitch. The best roasted chicken I've ever had was at Rioja. Euclid Hall has an amazing local beer selection and hours that cater to chefs.

    Pazano by Chef Elise Wiggens

    Fruition by Chef Alex Seidel

    ChoLon by Chef Lon Symensma

    Frasca by Chef Lachlan Patterson & Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey

    Frank Bonanno has many places in Denver and all are top notch including Osteria Marco, Luca D'Italia, & Mizuna

    For some great cocktails:

    Williams & Graham by Sean Kenyon

    Green Russell by Frank Bonanno

    Many of these places will do tasting menus if you call ahead of time.

    Some other places are Squeaky Bean, Colt & Gray, & Solera. On top of that, Denver has a thriving food truck culture so you have a lot to choose from.

    1. Frank Bonanno - Osteria Marco
      Jennifer Jasinski - Euclid Hall

      Those would be my pics, if you call ahead at Euclid hall, they will do custom tasting menu. I had some chef friends come in from California for a conference and they put together one for 10 of us, that has to rank as one of the best tasting menu's I've ever had. And they have an excellent beer selection, which is fun.

      And you can't really go wrong with Hotel Teatro, Restaurant Kevin Taylor is Denver’s only four-star, four-diamond restaurant.

      1. Every place mentioned above is VERY worthy. If you are open to "Colorado casual," consider the brand new Corner House in the Franklin Park neighbhorhood. Matt Selby, the talented still-young chef who put Vesta Dipping Grill and Steuben's on the culinary map, is chef/partner. The place is trendy (recycled and repurposed wood, metal, etc.).. They menu is tight and shareable. Not high end, but hight taste.

        If you and your friends are open to heading to Boulder for an evening, AND if you can get in, Frasca Food & Wine (exquisite Friulian cuisine and topnotch service) is my number one recommendation.