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Jan 11, 2013 09:34 AM

Good frozen meals, not necessarily of the "healthy" variety.

So I'm looking for a new kind of frozen meal that I can take to work for lunch, when I'm in a pinch and don't have leftovers or makings for a sandwich/salad. Previously while losing weight I enjoyed the Healthy Choice Steamers, but now that I'm not really trying to lose anymore, the calorie counts in those and other frozen meals like Lean Cuisine or the generic store brand stuff isn't enough to fill me up. They range from 200-400 calories and I'm looking for something more in the 400-600 range.

So, I know there are tons of other non-healthy varieties of frozen meals, but here's the thing, I would still like it to be "healthy"ish, meaning, not too high on the sodium (I know hard to do with frozen meals) and good protein content. Not worried about fat content.

Does anybody have any suggestions of good frozen meals? My store does have a decent "natural food" section so they carry stuff like Amy's brand.

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  1. If there's a Trader Joe's near you, look into their frozen stuff. They tend to the healthy-ish, and the ones I've tried have been quite tasty. Instead of trying to remember which they were, I'll refer you to the Trader Joe's Fan web site, where you'll find formal reviews of many TJ's products:

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      Oh I should have said in my OP, no Trader Joe's :( They're working on building one, but nothing yet.

    2. I have loved every Kettle Cuisine soup I've ever tried. My favorite is coconut curry. Not so sure about sodium content, but if you have them at your store, give 'em a look!

      1. I've found some of the Kashi brand meals tasty. I particularly like the one with black beans and plantains called Mayan iirc. I see them in must of the conventional grocery stores in my area - Walmart too.

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          My vote too. Healthyish and filling

        2. I like the Marie Callender's frozen dinners. They are a step above Swanson's and the like (real food), have a wide variety, and usually average about $2.50 -$3.00 a piece.
          They are on super bargain at Safeway (PNW)this week for $2.00.

          Pot pies and the steamers are pretty good too.

          1. In the 400-600 range, I really liked the Amy's brand. My greatest complaint with frozen meals has always been the sodium content, and the low sodium Amy's meals I find to be salty enough to give enough flavor without going into really high ranges. In particular I've always liked the brown rice and tofu bowl by Amy's.