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Jan 11, 2013 08:51 AM

City Island in Naperville

So last year we see a new restaurant going in on Rt. 59 where Blackie's used to be - City Island. Find some info on the web showing an organic focus, burgers and stuff. Sounds good. Before we could get there, it was closed for remodeling after about a month. Who needs to remodel after a month? So on 12/20, I get an email offer for "$15 certificate from for $5" offer and purchase. We decide to use it on 12/22. Go to the restaurant's website that Saturday night to check the menu and the hours. Everything looks great. We leave at 5:30 for dinner and when we get there....the restaurant is closed! For good!

Website said nothing about them being out of business. And who does a promotion for a closed restaurant???

Anyone know what happened here?

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