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Jan 11, 2013 08:26 AM

Visiting Tulum in a few weeks

My girlfriend and I will be staying at La Vita e Bella resort in Tulum from the end of January into early February. We're seeking tips on food in the area -- where to find great seafood and what other options might be available. How is the street food in Tulum itself? Any tips on good values? Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for tips! I'll have a great time.

    1. What experience do you want? Casa Magna's? El Tabano with unpredictable hours? Street food on the Coba road? AC or hot breezes? Tulum is the most unorganized town in the world, IMO. But Brian and I gave them a fire department.

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        Yes, recs for street food on the Coba road! And I haven't heard of Casa Magna's...