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Jan 11, 2013 07:38 AM

Montreal: Business trip looking for recs!

A co-worker and I will be in Montreal Jan 21-24. Unfortunately we are not able to stay in the city due to the location of our office. We will be staying near the airport (YUL).

However, we are willing and ready to head into the city for good eats! I am looking for restaurants that capture a true taste of Montreal but won't break the bank. We have some money to spend but just can't do top of the line on the company.

Also my co-worker is not as adventurous as I am so the menus must have some "regular" options (ie: I am saving Au Pied de Cochon for a trip with my husband).

Thanks for your help!

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  1. For places not too far from the airport "that capture a true taste of Montreal but won't break the bank." I'd suggest Delibee's and/or Smoke Meat Pete (you only need to do one, they are owned by brothers). Then Andalo's and Grilladerie Nostos.

    All four are places for locals, consistently jam packed, delicious and not expensive.

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      Andalos is great for lunch but offers the true taste of Lebanon not too is Nostos for a taste of Athens.

    2. Just so you dont miss out unnecessarily, places like Pied de Cochon have the deserving reputation of serving odd dishes, but there are plenty of safe, unadventurous foods on the menu as well. Off the top of my head, the lamb shank, happy pork chop, cod fritters, mashed potatoes, standard poutine, tomato tarte, ribs (though very large), and often the fish specials.

      Regardless, do aim to travel into the city. My favourite meals last year were at 400 Coups and Lawrence. This week I also finally dined at Maison Publique, and despite two service problems before we walked in the door, the rest of the dinner was excellent.