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Jan 11, 2013 07:35 AM

Laab (larb) gai ideas, recipes, comments?

Anyone got any ideas, updates, or suggested variations? I read these two old threads, but was wondering if there were any new or better ideas our there.

I thought it curious that there was no basil involved as I really enjoy a version from a local restaurant that uses it.

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  1. Hey there, any experiences or recipes to share? I'm on a Thai food bender these days and moved from som tum to laab.

    1. I have rarely see it with Basil though it may be more common in the Thai version. I prefer the Laotion style It is less sweet, spicier and more assertive than Thai style.
      I like the ones that use:
      Padaek(ປາແດກ) Lao Fish sauce
      Kaffir Lime Leaves
      in addition to the usual suspects:
      Bird Chilis
      Roasted Rice Powder
      Lime Juice
      Fish sauce

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      1. re: chefj

        Yes, I like Lao style as well.

        Made it tonight similar to Lao style:

        -Ground beef
        -Pla ra
        -Fish sauce
        -Lime juice
        -Lemon grass
        -Red onion
        -Spring onion
        -Roasted rice powder
        -Roasted birdseye chili blend

        Wanted to add liver or tripe or something funky but the shop I bought the meat from did not have it.

        In terms of making it, I cooked the meat in small amount of boiling water. When finished, I turned off the heat, drained the meat, and returned it to the wok. Squeezed a lime's worth of juice, added pla ra, and fish sauce. Stirred well. Let sit a couple of minutes. Added the chili mix and the roasted rice powder (roasted and ground it up the day before). Mixed well. Added the herbs and vegetables last. Bit of salt to taste. Came out great.

        In region they will add MSG.

        I'd like to try it with raw meat, do a fish version, and duck as well. Would also like to add some offal to bring up the funk a bit. But the pla ra helps with that.

        1. re: Silverjay

          I always like the Beef version raw.

          1. re: chefj

            Checking back in. Preparing to make with raw beef laab tonight or tomorrow. Is the recipe posted above the one you use for raw beef or is that just a general list of ingredients you prefer?

            1. re: Silverjay

              Yep, Though if i am feeling lazy i skip the Lemongrass since it needs to be sliced thinner than a piece of Paper. Most versions have Shallots as well.