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Jan 11, 2013 07:28 AM

Lisbon meals for 4 days?

4 nights in Lisbon in the 2nd week of February and have already planned dinners at Alma, Assinatura and Ramiro. I’m looking for recommendations for our 4th dinner and for lunches preferably in the vicinity of our hotel and, hopefully, one that has very good meat (including, but not necessarily all, steaks) dishes. While we like both inventive/nouveau/haute cuisine types, we do not want to lose out on having, what I will refer to as, hearty regional Portuguese cuisine during this trip, especially as we are also headed for 5-days of more haute-cuisine stuff in Paris.

We’re staying in the area between Barrio Alto and the Chiado, but will travel within reasonable distance for good eats.

As for budget, let’s just say that our upper limits would be what the per person costs of a tasting menu for 2 with a bottle or 2 at either Alma or Assinatura.


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  1. Add Belcanto on your list of dinners. Lisbon is very compact and taxis are plenty and cheap. So you don't need to limit yourself to the Chiado.
    Check the numerous recent posts about Lisbon for ideas.

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      Thanks. How're the meat dishes or steaks at Belcanto?

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        In line with the Michelin star quality of the food. I would not advise it if all you want is a plane grilled steak... Jose Avillez specializes more in veal, lamb or pork dishes, or pigeon.