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Jan 11, 2013 07:23 AM

Fair Lawn - Mezza Notte/Saddle River Road - Any Opinions?

With Picnic in the center of town closing, looking for any recommendations for other FL restaurants that may have surprised you. I was wondering of any of my fellow CH'ers has experienced this place.

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  1. .....looking for any recommendations for other FL restaurants that may have surprised you
    Pastrami Sandwich @ Benny's Luncheonette......steamed properly for about 10 bucks.

    A couple of Friday's nights ago during the holidays, I tried to have a burger at the Dutch House Tavern, but due to a party, I could not, dining room was closed and the bar was I walked around the corner to try and eat at The Track Side Grill....but it was closed. Anybody know why?

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      I hope the Drahouzel family has kept the DH quality up to par. I used to work there in the 70's, sweeping the floor and manning the grill on weeekends for Frank, the owner. In the mornings, he used to send me over to what is now the TS Grill for an egg sandwich on a burnt English Muffin, and he would consume that with a big glass of coke and his ubiquitous cigar, reading the NY Times. Ah, fond memories. BTW...Is that Benny's on SR Road?

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        Yes, Benny's is on Saddle River Road....a nice breakfast or lunch place for the locals. The Bergen Record had a Pastrami poll a few years back and Benny's finished in the top 3 or 4 spot.

        I ate once at the Track Side once over a dozen years ago as it was recommended for Steak....i was not impressed.

        As for the Dutch was my first stop there ever and only had a beer while waiting for my son. It was a little more worn than I was expecting, but nevertheless, a nice tavern atmosphere.

        Since I could not have the burger at the Dutch House,

        I ended up in Elmwood Park instead at Taverna Mykonos...which is very good and a siter restaurant to Oceanos, the old Peter's Whale.

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          I feel old. I remember before Peter's Whale it was Kind's Dairy...great place for ice cream.

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            Jahn's.....Kitchen Sink after the school dance.

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              Ok...this is getting weird. We probably know each other...or mutual friends.

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                  Maybe we should meet for lunch at Benny's! I live in almost walking distance....
                  I do remember Jahn's, those ice cream portions were legendary!
                  Btw my husband still practices golf on the field behind Peter's Wale/former Kind's Dairy. And we relocated quite a few Squirrels, Raccons, Groundhogs, Mice into that park.

                  1. re: RUK

                    I, too, spent many an hour driving balls in that field. But still can't hit a one wood worth a damn. FLHS class of '73. I get through there on my way down to Barnegat once in a while. I'll keep you posted.

    2. I read that TrackSide Grille was shut down due to a tax problem-I thought it was a decent place to have locally but the last time I had gone with my wife it was terrible.I am also curious about Mezza Notte-

      1. Radburn has taken a triple food hit over the past few weeks. Picnic, which got rave reviews, and made people think Fair Lawn might start becoming a foodie destination, is now closed. I was never there, but once I got takeout from Christine's old Emerson location, and it was great. Trackside Grill, which has been around for about 20 years, is apparently now closed too. They used to be an excellent mid-priced joint, but quality seemed to be slipping in recent years. And, Radburn Deli, which has been around in one form or another since the 60s, I think, is now closed too. (I remember going there as a kid in the 70s, when Johnny owned the place and my crazy aunt would ask him to cut two slices of salami, out of which she would make six sandwiches).

        I don't know anything about Mezza Notte, but if you're looking for some good recs in Fair Lawn for some more casual places, Giovanni's Deli on Morlot is awesome. They do get very busy, however. And I just discovered A Family Affair deli on Broadway. They're like Giovanni's baby brother, but their sandwiches and salads are fantastic. Rose's Place on Rt. 4 has great Mediterranean food. I also went to Creme de la Crepes for the first time a few weeks ago, and found them to be very good (although the coffee wouldn't win any prizes). Their home fries were about the best I've had in any restaurant. Another great breakfast place is Lincoln Grill on Lincoln Ave. And while the Land and Sea Diner can be hit or miss for some things, their burgers are great.

        If you're willing to travel a few feet over the border, you have the best pizza in the area (Turvino's), the best gyros in the area (Chicken Kebab), and the best (but a bit expensive) kosher deli (The Kosher Nosh) all on Prospect Street in Glen Rock. Have fun exploring!

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          The deli actually closed over the summer. It was under new ownership for less than a year. He stopped using all John's old recipes. Gosh, as I kid, I got a fish sandwich there every friday and it was delicious. Kosher Nosh is great, but in Fair Lawn Petak's makes a mean Knish. Zadies bakery is unreal. Rocca in Glen Rock puts out great food; I used to recommend it to our spill over customers. The Dutch makes a swell burger. The pork store needs no introduction, it is great. I love sitting outside in the summer at Oceana's for oysters and wine. Oh, and Wilkes Deli in Glen Rock is back to the original owners, and their terrific potato salad.

        2. Haven't been in a couple of years, but RoCCa in Glen Rock does some very innovative things with Ital-American standards. And the takeout next to the restaurant is awesome.