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Jan 11, 2013 07:15 AM

This one goes out to the breads I love...

running list of breads worth eating in TO and/or in Ontario:

in the Greater Toronto area:
corn bread and Portuguese rolls at Doce Minho
pain au chocolat at Rahier
almond croissant at Rahier
baguette and pastries at Patachou
Thuet's breads
Thobors breads
challah and sticky buns from Harbord Bakery
bagels from Bagel House
Gryfe's bagels - I buy my Gryfe's at Nortown
laffa at Dr.Laffa
garlic naan at Copper Chimney
garlic bread at Tom Jones' steakhouse
Italian breads at San Remo
Italian breads at St. Phillip's in Woodbridge

in Ontario:
Chef Neil Baxter's sourdough and walnut raisin breads, available when dining at Rundles during the Stratford Festival season, and through the Stratford Farmers' Market
breads from Loaf, from the Covent Garden Farmers' Market in London (May-Dec)

Toronto and area bakery thread:

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  1. I'll add:

    Savoury cheese and bacon brioche from Knead
    Almond croissants from Brick Street

    1. There is a bakery called Rustic Keel and the 401 that makes the most amazing hearth baked bread.

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      1. re: stephen

        Trying to reduce my carb intake can I just say I hate this thread :)

      2. Great title for the thread. Made me lol.

        1. I guess I like the chains... and cheese too!

          Cheese onion baguette from Michel's Baguette

          Asiago Cheese bread from Panera

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          1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

            +1 for cheesy bread!

            I have a bit of an obsession with Epi Bread's cheese/potato/chive loaf which they stopped making a while ago. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to do with all the bread I'd need to order to get a special order made up...mmm...cheese potato and I also love Epi's pan au chocolat! And almond croissants!

          2. De la terre based in St Catherine's. An excellent example of sourdough. Love Thuet bread as well but they can be very unreliable at the store front on King East.

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            1. re: phisherking

              The cheese-onion chala at Bagel Plus ($5.25), at Sheppard and Bathurst, available only from Friday to Sunday. The tastiest chala-style loaf I've tried in years. Get it sliced. The bakery's regular chala, though acceptable enough, isn't nearly as distinctive.

              1. re: juno

                +1 for Bagel Plus! forgot that one! Also love their Onion buns with the onions inside! (Onion pockets?)

                1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

                  They'll called onion ROLLS (85 cents). I'm partial to them as well. Different from the bakery's onion BUNS, which have the onion decorating only the top of the bun.

              2. re: phisherking

                + 1 for De la Terre - their amazing multiseed sourdough is my favourite, and I can't not have one of their cheese croissants when I see one. They're available at Picone's in Dundas, and at the Hamilton Farmers Market.