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Jan 11, 2013 06:39 AM

Minneapolis Skyway

Now that the food trucks are gone...Where is everyone going? I've been going to Sorrento Cucina alot lately.

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  1. I like Sorrento as well for their home-y red sauce recipes. The spinach lasagna is a guilty pleasure.

    My other go-to places in the skyway:
    T-Express (Szechuan-y Chinese food - old Towle Building)
    Andrea Pizza (old Towle Building and Highland Bank Skyway)
    The Burger Place (haven't been to new location in U.S. Bank Plaza)
    Good To Go (Lamb Wrap - U.S. Bank Plaza)
    Kabob's Indian Grill (Gaviidae 4th floor - fka Neiman Wing)
    Zen Box (6 Quebec)
    Bombay Bistro (not in the skyway but is on the ground floor of the Medical Arts Building which is accessible by skyway via Midwest Plaza)

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    1. re: bob s

      Go to the pizza place next to Taco Johns in the TCF building on Tuesdays before 11:30. It’s the cheapest pizza downtown and darn good if you ask me. Also the pasta place next to the Burger Place is good as well and offers half orders. I feel Andrea’s is overpriced and the place to go for targeteers so the line can get pretty long.

      1. re: brlattim

        The pasta place next to the Burger Place is Sorrento Cucina, which is the place that kriminalrat was talking about. Both of those places have relocated out of the Soo Line Building, which is being renovated. As I noted above, I haven't tried the Burger Place since it moved.

        I've never been to the Andrea Pizza near Target - only the one in the Towle building. But they've got the closest thing to a New York slice in the skyway if you ask me.

    2. You're probably going to get a list of about every skyway food location downtown, because people seem to frequent the locations closest to them. :) Since I'm at the Target end of Nicollet, I frequent:
      - D. Brian's
      - Erbert & Gerbert's
      - Ah Sa Wan (kind of a walk, but I love their crab rangoon)
      - Zelino
      - Macy's, and
      - Hell's Kitchen bakery for delicious cupcakes
      I wish we had more options down here. I feel like there's a lot of sit-down restaurants (where I can and do get take-out) but not "fast" food.

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      1. re: drew13000

        Personally, I'm willing to walk a long distance to get good food and I think many others will to.

        Bob S.....good list. Those are regulars of mine. i'm always looking for the out of the way places though. I wish there was a Korean spot in the skyway or at least close.

        1. re: kriminalrat

          Tristies is also very good...well good considering its quick. I like the fact it appears to be mainly made from scratch.

          1. re: brlattim

            Do you mean Trieste in the Lumber Exchange? I've been meaning to try it and the Indian place in the Lumber Exchange as well.

            kriminalrat: The only place that I know of that had Korean food in the skyway was a pan-Asian place in the City of Lakes building, but it's been gone for a while now.

            1. re: bob s

              Yep. Thats it. Sorry I don't work at Target anymore so I haven't been there in about a year. But they make good sandwiches to order, have a good open and close faced gyro, and generally are just nice guys who remember you. Good place to support.

              1. re: bob s

                Was that the place by teahouse? If so they had a decent Vietnamese Pho....unfortunately there gone.

                1. re: kriminalrat

                  It was across 2nd Avenue (by skyway) from T-Express. I had passable japchae there once or twice.

        2. My staples (in no particular order) are:

          My Burger (better than The Burger Place in my opinion)
          La Loma Tamales (their Oaxacan tamale is one of the best tasting dishes in the skyway)
          Good to Go (their lamb kebob wrap is incredible)
          Zen Box (pay extra for the Yaki Soba in your bento - totally worth it!)
          Ipotli (great value for solid Indian food)
          Kikugawa (the best sushi in the skyway)
          Torby's Pizza (the best pizza by the slice in the skyway)

          1. definitely agree with Andrea's in the Towle building.
            I also really have come to like Max's Cafe in The Commons next door. Particularly, the caprese panini.

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            1. re: ffthought

              I don't get the love of Andrea's. Sure its good, but for the price you and another person could get any pizza you wanted in the city delivered almost. Also, the price rose $1.50 in the 5 years I worked downtown. Thats almost 10 times the price of inflation. I know its not going to finishing the hair plugs.

              On Tuesday in the TCF building there is a pizza place between a Taco Johns and a popcorn place that has $2 slices of anything before 11:30. Soda (if you bring your own cup) is 25 cents or something like that. Pizza also has not been sitting there indefinitely like it has been at Andrea's

            2. I'm jealous of you downtowners and find it comical the comments about not having much down there. I work in Edina. My options are a few mediocre and expensive chain restaurants, a Wendy's, Panera, Taco Bell and McDonalds. And I have to get in my car and drive to any of them. I'd love to be connected to a skyway full of options. And a farmer's market and food trucks in the summer.

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              1. re: Bobannon

                100% agree. I now work in Hopkins (worked downtown for years) and downtown is hands down amazing compared to the horrible options I have now. The cafe I have now in my workplace basically doesn't even try to be anything but healthy flavorless crap that is $6-8 a meal. Sad to say, but I miss the days of even the Target HQ cafe.

                I do find it funny the skyway places are upset about the food trucks. I love how unamerican it is to complain that someone else is taking your customers and try to work with legislation to make it harder for trucks to operate. The skyway is like most big cities though..80% reheated crap. I mean D'brians in my book is just a step above any decent work cafe but much pricier. Most of the options are americanized chinese/asian, pizza, burgers, or soup/sandwich. The food trucks finally added flavor and unique options. I would say there are maybe a dozen "good" options in the skyway. But that is 12 more than I have in the burbs.

                1. re: Bobannon

                  Bobannon, have you ever tried Patrick's for lunch? It's in the strip mall with Pier 1. I think the Patrick's/Noodles/Dino's in that mall would keep me happy for a while. But I understand what you're saying about a lot of the Edina options being chains.

                  1. re: drew13000

                    I go to Patrick's once in awhile. I think it's good, but it's a little expensive. Not saying it's not worth it, just that I don't always want to spend $12 on lunch. I love their quiche. I'm not a big fan of Noodles and co and I've never heard anything good about Dinos. But we do have a good new gyro option about a mile east on 66th. Aida. Very solid gyro, falafel, etc. Reasonably priced and good.

                    I'm mostly jealous of being able to go grab something without driviing or putting on my coat. I hate leaving on cold days. And I wish there were a few places I could run and grab a slice of pizza or something quick and cheap.

                    1. re: drew13000

                      Or what about Andale Taqueria at 77th and Nic? Cheap and good.