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Jan 11, 2013 06:18 AM

Southern Cross Kitchen, Conshohocken... anyone been?

Featuring "'low country food.’ It’s shrimp and grits, short ribs with cheddar grits, fried chicken, collard greens, mashed potatoes — all the things you would think of when you think of the south.” (from KYW)...

haven't found any reviews, but I'll keep looking! :)

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  1. Yes.I plead Thumper's words.
    'Nuff said!

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    1. There are three reviews on Yelp.

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        i found those, I'm waiting from a call from a good friend of mine to discuss weekend plans... they are always up to try a new place.

      2. Sorry. I should not have assumed that everyone knew the character from Bambi named Thumper who was famous for saying: "If you can't say something nice, don't say [nothin'] at all". This moral is now known by such names as the "Thumperian principle", "Thumper's rule" or "Thumper's law".

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          thanks for the clarification. it's been too many decades since I saw Bambi to recall Thumper's dialog... and my philosophy is more "if you can't say something nice, come sit by me" ;)

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            Hahaha. Love it!
            Hint: Save yourself -- don't order the Fried Chicken if you do decide to go.
            It is not a delicate and juicy one at all -- way too huge, with a coating that is so thick it just falls right off.
            Calling Colonel Sanders...

        2. Well, we went to Southern Cross Kitchen last night, and had a terrific time.
          We had a little wait, which was difficult for me because I was STARVING!
          For Apps, we shared the fried pickles and the french fries with brown gravy. I'd skip the fries next time, they were too finely cut and the gravy was not fantastic. We all enjoyed the fried pickles very much tho!
          For mains we ordered...
          the salmon special, which was topped with crawfish, sweet sausage and a white wine shallot sauce - it came with buttermilk mashed potatoes and sauteed garlic spinach. I really loved it.
          the filet special, with a blue cheese sauce, buttermilk mash and asparagus. the asparagus was a little overcooked but she enjoyed the rest of the entree very much.
          the maple glazed salmon, with buttermilk mash and greenbean casserole. was supposed to be asparagus - DH does not eat GBC so that went home with our friends. He LOVED the salmon tho.
          the fried chicken entree, with buttermilk mash and collards. our friend loved the chicken, loved the thick breading. :)
          we also got a side of the mac and cheese and a side of collards b/c I wanted to try them. Not sure I'm a big fan of collards... but they could grow on me. We all enjoyed our tastes of mac n cheese - what we could wrest away from my DH, lol!
          we were all too full for dessert, but they all sounded tasty.

          Service was good, the place is charming. it got a little loud at times because of a large party upstairs, but nothing we couldn't deal with. the beer list is extensive, they even had a hard cider on tap!

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          1. re: jujuthomas

            Thanks for your report. It's always nice to hear "the other side of the coin!"

            1. re: arepo

              I told my friend you had said that the breading on the chicken was really thick... he said that convinced him to order it, that's they way he likes it! LOL.

          2. We just went there for brunch on Sunday. It was wonderful!! We decided to go because we heard they were going to have live music. There was a duo playing, just upright bass and a guitar but it was great! The perfect addition to the brunch scene. There was no wait to be seated and we were a party of 8.

            I loved the food. I am by no means an expert in southern food, but I know what I like. We ordered a variety of dishes and it let us try new things. I never would have ordered fried pickles, and shame on me, because they were fabulous! Crispy, tangy and awesome with a creamy dipping sauce. Same with grits, I had never had them before and if these grits are any indication, I have been sorely missing out for almost 40 years??

            I ordered the fried chicken sandwich and it was delicious! I liked the breaking, it was crispy and stayed on the chicken. My Mom ordered the bananas foster French toast...Holy Cow! It was great, I think next time we will order that as a dessert. It comes with ice cream and is very sweet. My Mom adored it and I had to distract her using my 6 month old to grab a few bites. My friend got their Cobb salad which also had fried chicken and said it was very good. I wasn't able to taste ,y friend's biscuit with sausage gravy because he was sitting too far away and I wasn't able to get to it before he demolished it, clearly a good sign. We also had a 9 and 6 year old with us and they loved the pulled pork a kiddie win!

            All in all we had a great time. It was the best brunch I had been to in years. Between the music and the food, we will be back soon!

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            1. re: spicemistress

              we liked it so much, and our friend's daughter liked her leftovers so much, we're going back for her birthday friday night. I can't wait! I've had a fried chicken craving since watching top chef the other night...

              1. re: spicemistress

                Sounds amazing Spice! Also sounds like your friend knows you well he he