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Jan 11, 2013 06:07 AM

Toronto Coffee Co.

It looks like Toronto Coffee Co. (right by Lansdowne station) may have entered the deadpool. They've been closed for "renovations" for close to a month now, despite the sign in the window that says they'll reopen "in two weeks" (without mentioning an actual date). And yesterday, a couple of workers took down the store signage...

The company isn't very active online -- they haven't updated their website in months and they don't really reply to tweets -- so I haven't been able to ask what's going on. Anyone have some insider info?

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  1. The moment I saw those newspapers on the glass I thought it was over - was much as I wanted to believe the 'renovations' sign! I have no insider info but am really going to miss having good coffee so close to the station.

    1. Wow. That sucks. I went there a couple months ago courtesy of the Indie Coffee Passport - the owner was great, very nice/courteous/kind.
      The coffee was decent, not awe-inspiring, but decent.
      That's too bad, he seemed passionate about his shop.

      1. Part of me is still hoping they'll reopen any day but at this point I'd be surprised. I'll really miss the place -- I used to go several times a week and everyone there was lovely.

        1. Good news! They actually just reopened under a slightly different name, Toronto Coffee and Tea. Don't know whether it's the same ownership or not, but it was the same people behind the counter.