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Jan 11, 2013 04:24 AM

de buyer choc non stick pan

I've had a look at the de buyer non stick pans. I've a lot of the traditional ones and they always performed very good. So I was thinking getting a couple of the non stick also

While reading on their website they suggest that the "non stick choc" one is idea for warming already prep food or cooking delicate dish.
Does this mean they can not take too much heat? I know teflon needs to stay below 500, but are they talking about something lower? Anyone has experience with these pans in terms of use? Iv'e seen they have some aluminum/steel ones also non stick. But they look too expensive to me. I just fear with time the coating will get damaged anyway and you end up with an expensive pan you can't use. Any feedback on those also?
thanks a lot

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  1. I have a couple of De Buyer CHOC induction frying pans and like them fine. I use mine mainly for pan frying fish and sometimes for eggs.

    They are nice, high-quality nonstick pans with a pretty thick induction-capable bottom, even heating (aluminum body), and very comfortable tubular stainless steel handles. They are nothing miraculous, though. De Buyer says that the temp shouldn't exceed 250 C (about 500 F), just like other nonstick pans, and that you shouldn't use metal or sharp-edged utensils.