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Jan 11, 2013 03:41 AM

Jan 26 Benefit Lu'au

Benefit lu'au for Lunalilo Home - Jan 26 in Hawaii Kai. More pricey than most local-style events, but a worthy cause. Doubtful there will be plastic leis or umbrellas in the drinks, but I would expect seriously good Hawaiian music and hula to honor the last king of the Kamehameha dynasty.

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  1. i went last year and it was very good. no hokey shows, just modernish hawaiian music which i enjoyed, and pleasant people. some hula by graceful dancers. mostly locals. tennis balls from the courts adjacent would sometimes land near the tents (fortunately for my dog).

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      Thanks for the rec...I haven't been to this one before but sounds like it should be on my list along with the Kaumakapili Church luau in the summer.

    2. i'm gonna be there tomorrow, short guy with lots of tattoos. i'm looking forward to lomi with actual salmon in it!

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        Unfortunately I won't be able to make it, but would appreciate hearing your description of the food and the event overall.

        1. re: macaraca

          best chicken long rice i've ever had.

          ate tons of haupia, very very good stuff.

          poke was made with top quality fish, but i only like a little limu, and they put a generous amount, so the overall taste was oceany, which i know people like, but it was not to my preference. i also like the addition of hot pepper flakes. very edible, however.

          the lomi salmon was a little too fishy. not fishy old - all of it was fresh - but not to my liking. it was a treat to see large chunks of salmon. maybe i'm just used to lomi that has so little salmon it's more like salsa? also very edible, tho.

          music was great, none of the old-style men singing in falsetto, hula dancers were graceful; there was an older lady in a wheelchair who performed beautiful hula.

          unfortunately no one was playing tennis at kaiser next door, and so no stray tennis balls to take home to my dog.

          would i come back next year? maybe. is it worth $50? if you want to support lunalilo homes, then yes.

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            Thanks for the report...will hope to make it next year. Too bad about the lack of tennis balls....