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Jan 11, 2013 01:36 AM

Any affordable places where you can dress up?

The girl I'm dating wants to dress up classy for tonight, but I can't find a place to take her that isn't really expensive. I'm a college student so $50 or less for dinner would be ideal. She isn't a big fan of seafood. Pretty much anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area I think would be fine as long as its about a 30 minute drive from Glendale.Are there any restaurants where we wouldn't be out of place being dressed up but still keep it affordable? ($10-15 per entree would be ideal, maybe a little more if necessary.)

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  1. Try Barones in the valley....there is usually music and dancing as well. Swiss Chef is another option but a little pricier. The chef comes out and sings!

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      I happen to love the pizza at Barones. One of my all time favorites, just below La Barbaras. However, to dress up for Barones kind of seems like dressing up for Sizzler.

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        "The chef comes out and sings!"

        Wow, that must be a tough job. Having to cook everyone's dinner, then go out and sing. I can only imagine that the chef is very enthusiastic about this arrangement.

      2. Can't quite recall what it costs, but on Friday and Saturday nights at Carousel in Glendale - Brand Blvd. they have a set menu, all you can eat of pretty much all their greatest hits, a band, dancing and a crowd that dresses up for the occasion.

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          I think Carousel is a fine idea. An older crowd in general, but not geriatric (nothing wrong with either of those things, just stating). Unique experience in LA. Though, I will say that the dressing up at Carousel seems a bit to do with cultural norms, but it certainly classes the place up.

          Note: it can be loud.

        2. This is quite a challenge and possibly an oxymoron - price and dressy usually go hand in hand.

          Trying to think of an exception - a grand venue that's not pricey. I can't. I'm following this thread to see if you've stumped the board.

          1. DineLA, find a place with $35 dinners and it'll be $70 + tax/tip. There's a few $25 options in there but I took a quick look and I think "dressy" would be overstating it...

            Probably as good as it's going to get...


            1. This is definitely a challenge. Would it be acceptable to go to a classy restaurant that allows for casual dress? I've done that in the past; dressed up with my date to go to a restaurant that doesn't necessarily require formal, but fits with it. I'm thinking specifically of Taix. You can dinner there for sub-$50 and enjoy live music and a subdued and quirky ambiance. Cafe Beaufolais in Eagle Rock is another such option, though they might be a little pricier. For your instance, the drawback of either place is that you very well might see someone at the next table in shorts and flip-flops.

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                Cafe Beaujolais is pricier, and considerably more rowdy, at least the last two times we've gone there. Tables of people screaming to each other, and spotty service. The food has gone downhill, too.

                We like Taix, and the food is definitely both reasonably priced and quite good, as old-fashioned French goes. La Vie is another favorite, and we always dress up a bit for it, although we're often surrounded by folks in sweats and jeans. But this is SoCal, kids …