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Please help with ideas for liquid/soft food diet for 8 weeks

I had an accident over the holidays and without going in to details I have to get all my upper teeth pulled today. I will be getting full upper dentures but that is not for about 8 weeks when I’m fully healed. I will be very limited to what I can eat due to a jaw fracture as well, basically liquids and very soft foods for roughly 8 weeks. In anticipation of this I purchased the “Cuisinart blend and cook soup and beverage maker”. I have been dieting and made great gains with this loosing almost 50 lbs with another 60 to go. I don’t want to gain weight back during my restricted eating time by eating fatty food or too much food to compensate for the lack of solid food. I would appreciate any feedback on recipes or ideas for liquid/soft foods. If anyone has the Cuisinart blend and cook any feedback on it would be appreciated as well, as I have yet to try it. My plan is to return to work on Monday so I will need to keep my energy up as well. Thanks for your help!!!

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  1. I too had to go on a liquid/soft diet for about a month because of dental problems. It was torture! By the end of it, I was desperate to chew anything. So, here's what I found out.

    First of all, you need to eat protein so the best thing to do is buy some protein powder and add that to, e.g., smoothies, etc. That way you'll minimise muscle loss and will help to make you feel "full". Stay away from commercial flavourings, primarily because they will be loaded with sugar. Use fruit but again be mindful of how much you are eating if you don't want to put your weight back on. I made a lot of different types of vegetable soups and just blended them. I put chicken mince in the soups as it didn't require any chewing. I also made a lot of dhals. I got my protein from the lentils and I had a different taste sensation from the spices.

    Then you have that old standby, mashed potato, but stay away from the cream and butter. Scrambled eggs. I also found that meal supplements, e.g. Slim Fast, convenient when I was working. Just fill a flask with skimmed milk and add the powder when you want to drink it, and give a vigorous shake.

    One thing to keep in mind: just because you are on a liquid/soft diet, it doesn't mean you can give yourself permission to eat and drink all day long. I found I was less hungry if I "ate" 5 times a day than having the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner, and was really disciplined about that. I also made sure that I didn't exceed my total calorie intake for the day. I worked out how many calories I wanted to eat each day and divided that up into 5 portions.

    Hope this helps.


      Wait. Wrong forum.

      Some suggestions:

      Oats for breakfast
      Yoghurt and berries for a snack
      Anything that can be made into a soup
      If you're feeling particularly heroic, make something that shouldn't be a soup into a soup anyway

      1. Get a variety of winter vegetables, roast them, puree them with broth.

        If buying broth, read the label. I get the organic stuff with no additives.

        Also, read the labels on the protein powder. The last time I bought it, I made the mistake of getting the vanilla flavor. It was very convenient, but, too sweet, and it was sweetened with sugar.

        I'll be trying to make a smoothie from egg white protein, ginger tea, and fruit. I'll report back on the results.

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          The smoothie was okay, considering it has no dairy or added sugar. I used egg white protein, ginger tea, ice, flaxseed meal, and a banana.

          My objective is to eat low-carb, grain-free, and dairy-free. I think the smoothie has potential for an easily digested meal with adequate protein, plus some omega-3 fatty acids.

          The recipe comes from The Paleo Diet Cookbook by Loren Cordain.

          1. Blend first, heat afterwards. Hot soups or hot liquids somehow expand / explode when blended -- you'll see tales of lids flying and massive kitchen messes.

            Mashed /blended sweet potatoes with garam masala or cinnamon are good. Use a bit of skim milk to thin if necessary.

            Tuna/garbanzo/lemon blended dip is nice even without the usual veggies or crackers.

            1. My Mom recently did quite a few weeks on a liquid or soft food diet due to complications from cancer. She's back up to some solid foods finally but we had the same issues finding good food choices.

              She found that if she cooked spaghetti/linguini/fettucini etc a little softer then she preferred and then chopped them up into small pieces she could eat them with spaghetti sauce provided there wasn't any large bits of meat in it. Pesto and cream sauces were also good with them.

              She'd take canned soups and cook them until the veggies were soft and the pasta was and blend the entire thing (including the bits of chicken etc). It made a thicker soft puree but she got the flavor of the chicken noodle etc.

              Grits were very popular too, usually with cheese added. You could also have polenta with pasta sauce on it.

              Milkshakes were popular, puddings etc.

              Risotto and Congee are doable, if the rice is cooked quite soft (softer perhaps then risotto should be) and anything added is in very small pieces.

              She found she could eat tiny pieces of things like cake if she broke off bits and let them soften in her mouth before swallowing. This gave her some sensation of solid food without causing her any problems with eating.

              1. I want to thank everyone who took the time to respond. I had the surgery and have to say it was far more painful then I had expected. The pain medication is playing havoc on my stomach so my appetite is not really there. I am back to work today, but it is a desk job. I find I am a bit light headed, likely due to the lack of food. So far I have had homemade soup, pudding, desert tofu, oatmeal and a baked sweet potato (which by far was the best). As I have to avoid chewing on both sides of my mouth until the gums heal more I am limited. ou have all given me some great ideas and once I feel a bit more steady on my feet and can spend more time in the kitchen I will try all of the ideas and have a shopping list ready to go. Once again thanks to everyone.

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                  I hope that you get stronger everyday. Have you considered some of the prepared drinks like Glucerna or drinks of that type? They are meals in bottles, they can help.

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                    I'm so sorry you're in so much pain and feeling woozy. I strongly suggest buying a case of low sugar, higher protein shakes, like Muscle Milk Lite, with very little sugar, and a good amount of usable protein. The protein will help you heal and also should do away with the lightheadedness by supplying you with energy for hours.

                    Heal fast, feel better!

                  2. i'd recommend going to rawfoodrehab.com and getting smoothie recipes - they do a lot of raw "cleanse" diets that go for 10 + days, so the people chatting on their boards know how to get a lot of variety in liquids/smoothies over a long period of time. hope you've got a great blender.
                    best of luck!

                    1. If you're making your own smoothies, cottage cheese blends down nicely and adds protein to your shake in a more natural form than the protein powders. Your body needs calories to heal properly, so don't try to go too low - you're not going to gain weight on a liquid diet unless you live on milkshakes. I had to do a liquid diet for four weeks when was dieting and I had dental surgery and the biggest problem was making sure I had ENOUGH calories each day that my metabolism didn't go into slowdown.
                      Weetbix purees up really smooth for a quick breakfast, but by the end of it I couldn't stand the sight of them. Baby food is good to add some extra variety to your diet. It's not very sweet.

                      1. 1) Ensure and Boost if you like them. 2) You can get a very good hit of protein by putting cooked shrimp through the Cuisinart and adding them to soup---plain chicken broth since you're watching calories, a rich cream sauce to make shrimp bisque (with sherry) otherwise. 3) Mashed cauliflower is a lower-calorie substitute for mashed potatoes. 4) V-8 will be a good source of vitamins---a savory juice will be a welcome change from sweet. 4) A baked custard of egg and milk can be adjusted to be a slightly sweet dessert with grated nutmeg on top OR a savory custard with cheese in it, a la quiche filling.

                        1. personally i like savory over sweet for "meals," so when you get your appetite back a bit...

                          -puree roasted chipotle corn soup essentially fat free and i use unsweetened almond milk

                          -creamy broccoli soup - puree caramelized onions, cooked broccoli, cooked cauliflower, almond milk, veggie broth (or chicken), salt pepper herbs of choice (i like thyme) - also sometimes add some roasted garlic, celery, and/or carrots

                          -purely smooth vegetable based soufflés should melt in your mouth...

                          -fat free or low fat ricotta cheese mixed with warm pureed tomato/vegetable sauce (or pesto)

                          -savory oatmeal or well hydrated and cooked barley

                          -chili with beans -- puree til almost smooth... you'll get the flavor kick...

                          -roasted mashed sweet potatoes or butternut squash with a simple sauce that you like - something cottage cheese based for protein?

                          1. It's winter and gazpacho is a summer thing but it might fill your need as it is savory and can be made very low-calorie. Peel 4 large tomatoes and put them through the Cuisinart to the degree of fineness you need---same thing with a cucumber, a green pepper, and a medium onion. Add the resulting glop to a 46-oz can of tomato juice and season with 1-2 tablespoons each of vinegar and olive oil, plus salt, garlic powder, and cumin to taste. This makes a lot and it keeps in the refrigerator for a week.

                            1. This may be helpful: because of chewing problems, I created an e-book of 200 home-style soft recipes - “Simply Soft Food: 200 delicious and nutritious recipes for people with chewing difficulty”. I use the cookbook all the time. Simply Soft Food is endorsed by Ira B. Lamster, D.D.S., M.M.Sc., Dean Emeritus, Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. You can look inside the book at Amazon’s Kindle store to see if it will help you: http://www.amazon.com/Simply-Soft-Foo... . If you don’t have an e-book reader, Amazon has a free Kindle app that you can download onto your computer or mobile device.

                              1. If you like veggies I make a saucepan full of finely chopped broccoli, potatoes, carrots and peas I boil them until they're soft then add beef oxos as many as you want a spoonful of Cornflour in water and add to the water, cook until thickened, you can also add either apple sauce, mint sauce or redcurrant jelly to flavor. Nothing fattening in that and its very filling. Hope it helps hope you get well soon x