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Jan 11, 2013 12:24 AM

London Post Theatre Large Group Meetup

So a bunch of ex-mormons are going to see the new Book of Mormon musical in london (Prince of Wales theatre) later this year. They will be going to a matinee and are looking for a place to meet up afterwards and talk about the musical and moan about the mormon religion.

So we are looking for a place that could accommodate a group of about 15-20 people, that wouldn't mind us hanging round for a while talking too.

No preferences on cuisine, but has to be 'moderate' pricing as don't want to exclude people on cost.

Trying to avoid having to use the TGI Fridays next door, as I know people will be tempted by the convenience.... So if I can suggest something now, we can focus on that.

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  1. You could book a private room in China Town, a number of the restaurants have spaces...

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      I'd suggest Chinatown as well - about a five minute walk from the theatre and would easily accommodate that amount of people. Price point would be fine as well

    2. Assuming this hasn't happened yet, as I came away from the Book of Mormon this week, saw a large Cafe Rouge in Charing Cross road, about 5 mins walk from theatre. I have organised chatty gatherings in Cafe Rouge before as they are dependable on food, not too expensive, and not loud, so good for groups that want to talk.