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Jan 10, 2013 10:52 PM

Costco Kitchen-Aid mixers

Kitchen-Aid 5.5 qt, lift bowl mixer from Costco.
I'd been looking to replace the KA mixer that was my father's. He had it as far back as 1980 as I remember, and being as frugal as he was, bought it used. It served him well and has served me well for the past 10 years. Last year it started to sound like it was going to give up the ghost any minute, though it never did. I've tried, unsuccessfully so far, finding a place to refurbish it.
Anyway, this past week I started looking for a new one and figured the 6qt professional model ($449.00) was in my future. Started pricing them and with sales and coupons could get one for about $100.00 less. The we went into Costco and saw the KV5MEX model (5.5 quart, lift bowl, all metal gears, soft start ) for $289.00 with an instant mfg's rebate and another $30 mail in rebate it actually came to $259.00.
Does anyone have experience with this model? It certainly looks good but we haven't used it yet.
I'm reluctant to give up the "antique" but if this one's a keeper, well then my daughter can have her grandfather's machine.
Any information will be most appreciated.

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  1. It looks like a great deal and the Costco return policy makes it as safe as it gets for trying one. I think you'd have to spend a lot more $$ to do better. I just started to notice some oil leakage on my KA that's 18 years old. I'll be grabbing the Costco model if mine ever kicks the bucket.

    1. I've oogled the Costco mixer too. I have a 25 year old KA K45 that is still doing fine so no actual need for a replacement yet. However, the Costco mixer is a good deal and I love the rebate so try to buy Costco whenever possible.

      1. No knowledge of that particular model, but mine is also quite old, from @ 1970 and still works fine, even with a few odd sounds. AFAIK the new ones sold after Hobart sold the brand are not made as well as the old ones, less metal and so on. Thus it is why they still cost the same or less than the old ones, or so l thought and was told. Mine in 1970 from a cousin who worked for Hobart was $209. Thus if yours still works, l would keep it going.