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Which Model is my Cuisinart Food Processor Made In Japan

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Hello everyone.....I need help. I just bought an almost brand new Cuisinart Food Processor that is made in Japan. However, there is no model # indicated on the bottom of the fp. I have a link from Ebay where I bought it from. If someone can help me the model #, that would be great. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sorry I forgot I can attach pics. Here they are.

    1. Can't help you as it doesn't look familiar,but it has to be a much older model,as nothing I have looks like that and I have three of them. The newest one of mine is 14 years old. I didn't realize that they were made in Japan.

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        You got lucky it's made in Japan ;)

        The newer models are not as durable. Thanks for the help..

      2. Looks like this one...


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          Hi Coogles:

          Take a look at this listing on Ebay. Sorry I could not attach the pic, it won't allow me to save the image.


          If you notice, the warning on the bottom of the toggle that reads "Warning: Read Instructions Before Using." is exactly as the one shown on the one I just bought.

          The DLC-5 looks exactly the same in terms of model, however, it's missing that warning.

          I suspect the DLC-5 is the newer version of DLC-10.

          This is what the seller replied...

          "I didn't find a cup specification, but the booklet does list the part numbers all starting with the DLC designation. The chopping blade itself is marked DLC-10. Also, the booklet says that this Basic Model is compatible with all DLC-10 Plus parts. I'm sure if you google the dlc-10 you could find its bowl capacity. We did measure the bowl if you are good at computing volumes of a cylinder. It is 4 3/4" tall and 6 1/2" in diameter."

          However, to be precise, when I get the actual item, I promise to upload pics of the fp and the manual.

          Thanks for your help and have a great weekend!

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            Just want to update you with my food processor. It came today and it is Practically brand new. No sign of use. Anyhow, it's the DLC-5. It comes with 2 slicing discs (DLC-103 and DLC-108) and the the regular stainless steel blade.
            Even though it looks outdated, it feels very very sturdy, and the motor is quiet.....

        2. As someone has already said, it looks like the DLC-5.


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            Thanks Jay. To solve the mystery, I will upload pics when I actually receive the item....but thanks for your input..

            Have a great weekend!

          2. About 3 years ago, my mother in law gave me her food processor which had been sitting in her basement for God knows how long. I was pleasantly surprised to find it is made in Japan. It works great.