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Jan 10, 2013 10:01 PM

James Beard "I Love to Eat" One-Man Show in Portland

Had the pleasure of seeing "I Love to Eat" at Portland Center Stage tonight. Rob Nagle gives such a spirited performance of a man who never forgot a single experience or any of the emotions he felt throughout his life. It was a lovely performance -- even down to the homemade mayonnaise demonstration! Has anyone else seen this show?

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  1. I got to see it thanks to friends with free tickets. It was interesting. Did you feel like making the onion tea sandwich? I felt quite sad about his not being able to come out and have a relationship. And all those phones!

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      I was curious about the sandwich, and I was very tempted to make mayonnaise when I came home. He certainly was a complex man. (And I got to see it because I won tickets from KINK!)