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Jan 10, 2013 08:54 PM

Reasonably Priced ($20) Italian or Mexican or American for a dozen teenage volleyballers?

Maybe Chowhound isn't the place to ask where a dozen 16 year old girls, their coach AND their parents can go to have fun, reasonably priced, and decent food, preferably on the Strip...but I have faith that someone's low brow instincts will kick in...
So we are talking about 30 people total, nothing very exotic, but fun and filling and not too pricey. I'll even settle for a decent chain recommendation. I've never been to Vegas so I don't know what's where. We'll be staying at the Mandalay Bay, the team will be at a Hilton Convention Center hotel. I thought a restaurant in the heart of the strip would be fun. Thoughts?

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  1. Maggiano’s Little Italy is an option. It is located on the second floor of the Fashion Show Mall; across the Strip from the Wynn. They serve family style and the portions are very large – even for 16 year olds! We have found that a single entrée is plenty for 2-3 people, especially when you start out with some appetizers. (You don’t need to order the “Family Style” menu, just order from the normal entrée section.) They have a decent view from the restaurant (given the right table) of the Strip and the Wynn properties.

    1. $20 a person will get you most of the buffets.

      Tiffany's Cafe -American fare-on the North end of the Strip is a long time establishment. Looks like rough area(not really), and a dive(yep a real greasy spoon), BUT it is good food after a late night of fun. Open 24 hrs, and big portions. The Western omelette is 3 egg, and comes with a pile of potatoes,and 4 pieces of toast for $7.50

      Casa Don Juan - Mexican- is just North of the Stratosphere in the heart of the 18b Arts District. When will you be in town? If it is the first Friday of the month you can check out the First Friday street festival in the 18b.

      1. Here's an off the wall idea if you MUST stay on the Strip. NYNY has a really good food court called Village Eateries. Everybody gets what they want.

        1. What about Holstein's? I've never eaten there but walking past it looks like a fun loud atmosphere, the decor would, I suspect, appeal to 16 year olds, it's in the Cosmopolitan so you can look out at the Chandelier Bar, and the burgers all seem to fall in the $15ish range. Plus the coach and parents can sample the delicious sounding adult milkshake menu!

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            If you mean $20 all-in, Holstein's probably won't work, but if you have a little flexibility, I think it's a terrific idea. Very kid-friendly menu, but I think it would feel a little special to them.