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Jan 10, 2013 06:12 PM

good oyster happy hours near PS3 on Hudson?

I'm looking for places that have oyster happy hours before I pick my son up at 6 at PS3 afterschool. I'd like to go at 5 and have a moment of oyster bliss. Any suggestions? The French restaurant at Bleecker and Grove says that it has $1 oysters at the bar but several friends have really talked against that place. Other suggestions?

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  1. Fish, on Bleecker just across 7th ave, has a decent special, something like 6 oysters and a beer for $8. I always liked it, but I haven't been in a long while. Others can suggest something newer.

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      It's still good! They're just Blue Points, but they're good and fresh. (Plus, it's not just a happy hour deal—it's available all the time.)